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April 22nd, Card of the Day

Happy Good Friday folks! As though they are rising to the occasion, it appears that Bushiroad is doing something new this time. Shana already has three climax synergies: Nandemo Dekiru (I can do anything), Omoi no Chikara (Power of Thoughts), and Heaven Smasher. Today, her fourth climax synergy card has appeared. Strange, are they finally breaking the three climax per color rule now? If they are, won’t it mean that Shakugan no Shana will be the biggest series cards-wise so far? Anyway, here she is!

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April 18th, Card of the Day

What do you know, it’s the other RR rarity card for red in Shakugan no Shana today. 1/1, 4k power, soul trigger, Fire and Weapon trraits. First ability: +500 to all Fire trait characters. Secondly, place any two characters to rest to grant one of your Characters the following ability; if the targeted character reverses a level 1 or higher character in combat, you may return one Character from your Waiting Room to your Hand, then drop one card of any kind from your Hand to your Waiting Room. A free hand exchange, and a decent buffer that does not succumb easily to cards like Hiten Musougiri or Level Upper Saten’s backrow destruction ability via power subtraction. Still vulnerable to abilities like Jun and Moros though.

Combine this card with the other Level 1 Shana’s Power of Thoughts climax combo and that’s a guaranteed +3 to your hand on top of a hand exchange.

April 15th, Card of the Day

Well, what do you know. Here’s the third climax synergy for Shakugan no Shana’s red cards, along with the awesome looking level 3 card to come with it. And yeah, her rarity is RR, and her climax is a CR.

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April 4th, Card of the Day

Cards from the upcoming Shakugan no Shana booster are now being showcased as cards of the day. For today, it’s one of the red RRs in the booster; featuring none other than the main character – Shana.

Level 2, cost 2, 2 soul, 8.5k power, soul trigger, fire and weapon traits. If all of your characters have Fire traits, she gains an additional +1000 power.  Nothing exceptionally special about this double R compared to many others. A good card to slot in as a strong beater in your level 2 band, nevertheless. Not to mention the card’s art looks decent! It’s Shana!

29th March – Card of the Day

Finally we see a card of the different series. It’s a TD exclusive from the Shakugan no Shana series.

Card effect: Encore [Drop 1 character from hand to waiting room](When this card is moved from the playing field to the waiting room, you can pay the cost. Return this card back to the field in [Rest] position.)

A lvl 0/0 encore TD-exclusive doesnt sound like much, but players will definitely get this card for its fine art and players who want to keep their characters on the field cheap. An average encore card with 2500 attack though.

Shakugan no Shana 3rd scheduled for release on Oct 4 2011!

As you all know, Shakugan no Shana (SNS) has recently been introduced as one of the series appearing in Weiss Schwarz this year. It has also been scheduled for a TD release late this month as well as the booster release on the following month so this is indeed great news for all die-hard SNS fans.

Also, SNS3 has been confirmed for release on Oct 4 this year, as seen on the promo vid shown below. So that’s double woohoo for all SNS fans!


Promo Video for SNS3

Lastly,  we @ Outakuya would like to express our greatest condolences to all the citizens that have suffered and died in the earthquake & tsunami which happened in Japan last Friday. Thousands of casualties & deaths have been accounted for thus far and it continues to increase.
We pray that the citizens will be able to pull through this natural crisis and continue to become a strong power in the world today!

11th March – Card of the Day

Today, bushiroad gives us more shana! It’s her climax combo today.




Card Effect:

– When this card attack with the climax card [Power of Thoughts] is on field, you can pay one cost to send one card from your opponent’s waiting room to top of the deck. If this effect is paid for and used, this card gains 3000 power for that turn.

Climax Effect:

– All cards on your field gains 1000 power and 1 soul.

[Gate] – When you trigger this card during your trigger step, select one character from your waiting room and add it to your hand.