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April 21st, Card of the Day

It’s the RR for blue this time! Shakugan no Shana is going to be released shortly, so do catch up with us for your daily fix for cards of the day before it’s release this saturday! Today, it’s Hecate.

Probably a key card to have in any Hecate deck. 2/2 8k power, soul trigger, Fire and Maiden traits. Abilities: if you have two or more Fire trait characters on your Stage, this card gains +1k attack power, giving it a total of 9k attack. It also has Clock Encore – should this card be sent to the Waiting Room, you may place one card from your Deck to your Clock (i.e. voluntarily take 1 damage) to place this card back onto your Stage. A really good fighter that holds it’s weight and sticks around quite easily without you having to lose hand nor stock. However, do not overuse it’s second ability, lest you get yourself to a pinch.


April 14th, Card of the Day

Contrary to the sick Yuuji card that was featured yesterday, the Hecate today is a lot less strong, but nevertheless useful.

0/0, 2.5k power, Fire and Maiden traits. Her ability – if your opponent has 3 or less characters, this card gains an additional 2k power on your opponent’s turns. Which means 4.5k power total. In order to prevent this from happening, your opponent has to have at least four characters on his stage. Extremely defensive card no less, but easily countered, and there’s always Wilhelmina (featured in a previous post) to make sure she ends up in the Waiting Room anyway. Of course, if your opponent does not run cards that are meant to wreck level 0s, this card will take a little more work to get rid of.

April 8th, Card of the Day

Woah, today’s card of the day sure is a surprise. It’s 2 cards here, the Master Throne Hecate, and her clone, Fumina Konoe! Let’s see the effects now. And both kisasohma and me will be telling you our opinions on these cards.

Card Effect: [Automatic] Change [Put this card from the field to the waiting room] At the start of your encore step, you may pay the cost. Then, choose one  <Time of Confrontation Hecate> from your waiting room and place it in the Border this card was in.

Card Effects:

[Automatic] When this card attacks, and when the climax <Direct Confrontation!> is on the climax zone, you may look for one <Flame> character from your deck and add it to your hand. Show it to your opponent. Shuffle your deck. If card is added into the hand, choose 1 card from your hand and add it to your waiting room.

[Automatic] Encore [Put 1 <Flame> character from your hand to the Clock area] (When this card is sent from the playing field to the waiting room, you may pay the cost. Then, this card is returned to the same border in <Rest> position.)

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