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July 19th, Card of the Day

Hey guys, guess how strong is the Triangular Alto the previous card of the day changes to! Good lord, it is becoming the next Milky Holmes with a lot less lolis and a lot more singing, aliens and variable fighters.

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July 12th, Card of the Day

Today’s card features the card that changes to Ranka’s level 3. Oh my goodness, have they gone overboard with their Sheryl and Ranka combos? Check out how sick this change combo is.

2/1, 6.5k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Music and Love traits. First effect is a Change; During your the beginning of your Encore Step, if this card is in Rest, you may pay the stated cost of 2 stock and sending this character into your Waiting Room. If you do, you may place “Songs are Magic” Ranka (The level 3/2 Ranka with Rainbow Bear Bear synergy) on this character’s original slot. Note: you cannot activate this effect if this card is not on your Stage during the beginning of your encore step. In other words, once this card hits the Waiting Room after the Battle Phase, you can no longer Encore it and change it to the level 3 Ranka.

Second effect is pretty straightforward, but yet it’s quite broken if used correctly; it’s a Startup where you can pay 1 Stock and add one card power equal to it’s level x 500. This is an extremely broken card to play with level marker decks. Remember Ryo and Yumeko? Splash Ranka in (heck, they’re both green AND music), build up level markers, then buff it up and up with this ability. Standard Music decks are getting an extremely broken buff once MF hits the scene.

1st July: Card of the Day

Hey there. today’s card of the day is a 3/2 Ranka along with its climax synergy.

Let’s check out the cards:

Card effects:

– When this card is played from hand to stage or put to the stage by a [Change] effect, place 1 card from the Clock area to waiting room. (Heal 1)

– When the climax [Rainbow-Colored Bear Bear] (displayed climax above) is put in your Climax Border, and this card is in the Center Stage, you may pay the cost of 1 stock.
If you do so, look for up to 1 <<Love>> character from your Deck and put it to any Border you wish. Shuffle the deck.

Climax is a +1k + 1soul to all characters with a Gold bar trigger.

Simply speaking, this is a pretty strong card as it allows the search of any <<Love>> character and playing it onto the stage at the cost of just 1 stock. This means that a lvl 2 or a lvl 3, which usually requires 2 cost, can be reduced to just 1 by doing so. However, other than healing 1 damage from play, by itself, it’s just a typical 3/2 10k on its own.

Nevertheless, this is a very strong card to have for any <<Love>> deck and can also change the situation of the stage as your opponent will not know which card you will be playing down when it was just an empty border in the 1st place.

June 27th, Card of the Day

Now that Bakemonogatari and Rewrite TDs have been released, it’s time for the card of the days for the up and coming Macross Frontier booster pack, coming to a store near you on the 23rd of July! For it’s debut card though, this is pretty disappointing.

“Pretty Little Devil” Sheryl, 1/1, 3.5k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Music and Love traits. This card has basic support; all of your characters in front of this card gain +500 power. It’s second ability is an Experience ability – if you have cards whose total level equals to 4 or higher in your level area, she grants another +500 power to all of your characters in front of her.

In short, if you have level 4 or higher in experience, she grants +1k to all characters in front of her. Pretty awesome, right? No, this is absolutely horrendous. To activate her Experience ability, you will need to be at least level 2, because the highest a card’s level can go is 3, so you will need to place at least two cards on your level area (either 3+1 or 2+2). By then, you will probably have better support to play than this crap. For you Angel Beats players, how does this compare to the 2/1 Iwasawa? Who do you think is superior? Unless Bushiroad releases more experience abilities for it’s other cards, this card will probably be laying in the cesspool of useless Rs for quite some time.

Weiss Schwarz Portable Series Lineup Revealed!

For those who aren’t in the know, Weiss Schwarz is having a PSP port, named Weiss Schwarz Portable! Dubbed a card simulator x love adventure game for up to 2 players, this game is scheduled for release sometime in 2011, actual date is still unknown. Nevertheless, here’s the series lineup! Hopefully it isn’t exhaustive, though it may very well be

Weiss Side

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s, StrikerS and Movie 1st. Rejoice, Nanoha fans.
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Toaru Majutsu no Index/Kagaku no Railgun
Angel Beats & Kudwafter

Schwarz Side

The Idolm@ster and The Idolm@ster Dearly Stars
Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. What do you know..
Macross Frontier

For more info, check out the official site.

30th March – Card of the Day

Today’s WS card of the day is Sheryl from Macross Frontier. A TD exclusive like yesterday’s Shana card. Check it out!

Card Effect: When this card is played from hand to the field, if there are 3 or more other <Music> characters on the field, for that turn, this chracter gains soul +1.

This’s a pretty good card in my opinion simply with that effect alone, since soul is a crucial factor to winning the game in WS. A must for all ongaku decks!

23th March – Card of the Day

Okay, today we have Ranka from Macross Frontier, for some reason i find the image cute ._.

Card Effects:

– Cards infront of this card that has the <<Music>> trait gains +500 Power and +1 Level.

– [Put this card to Rest] Select one <<Music> trait character on the Stage. During this turn, that card gains +1000 Power.