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April 22nd, Card of the Day

Happy Good Friday folks! As though they are rising to the occasion, it appears that Bushiroad is doing something new this time. Shana already has three climax synergies: Nandemo Dekiru (I can do anything), Omoi no Chikara (Power of Thoughts), and Heaven Smasher. Today, her fourth climax synergy card has appeared. Strange, are they finally breaking the three climax per color rule now? If they are, won’t it mean that Shakugan no Shana will be the biggest series cards-wise so far? Anyway, here she is!

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April 21st, Card of the Day

It’s the RR for blue this time! Shakugan no Shana is going to be released shortly, so do catch up with us for your daily fix for cards of the day before it’s release this saturday! Today, it’s Hecate.

Probably a key card to have in any Hecate deck. 2/2 8k power, soul trigger, Fire and Maiden traits. Abilities: if you have two or more Fire trait characters on your Stage, this card gains +1k attack power, giving it a total of 9k attack. It also has Clock Encore – should this card be sent to the Waiting Room, you may place one card from your Deck to your Clock (i.e. voluntarily take 1 damage) to place this card back onto your Stage. A really good fighter that holds it’s weight and sticks around quite easily without you having to lose hand nor stock. However, do not overuse it’s second ability, lest you get yourself to a pinch.

April 20th, Card of the Day

Today, we bring you the level 3 card from the yellow Shakugan no Shana cards, who so happened to be one of the two RRs from the yellow set –  the oppai queen Kazumi herself. Contrary to Shana’s heal and doublestrike effect, Kazumi is created for own turn brutal beatdown, as you will shortly see why.

3/2, 10k power, soul trigger, Love and Dress traits. First ability; When this card is played onto your stage from your Hand, you may add +1k power and +1 soul to two of your other characters (not including this card). Are you ready for the next ability?

Second ability is a climax combo – When this card attacks while “Challenge Issued In School” is played on your Climax Area, all of your Characters gain +3k power until the end of turn, absolutely free. We have no idea what sort of climax Challenge Issued In School is about, but assuming it’s +1k 1 soul, all of your characters will have an additional 5k power if stacked together with the first ability, not counting backrow support (1000+1000+3000)!

Last ability is an experience ability – on your own turns, if you have cards whose total levels are 4 or higher on your level area, this card gains an additional +2k power.

It’s pretty obvious that Kazumi’s power is blown beyond proportions like a certain body part she possesses. Combining both the second and third abilities together, Kazumi will have 15k power not counting climaxes and backrow supports! Not a lot of meta is able to reach that power that easily, and with relatively little effort! 2 stock, a climax, and you are good to go! Just remember to place the correct chars in your level area and you are all set!

April 19th, Card of the Day

Level buffers. When you are running level 3 or level marker cards, don’t you love these cards? They add power according to your level. Today, we bring you the card of the day, the level buffer for Shakugan no Shana – Margery Daw!

Yeah I know, she’s got blood all over her, including her breasts which are nearly spilling out of her ill-fitting blouse. *cough* Her effects are as follows; cards in front of her gain Power +X, X being the level of the character multiplied by 500. Now for an interesting secondary effect: when she comes into play, you may pay two stock to deal 1 direct damage to your opponent. If you got the extra stock, I don’t see why not – 1 damage in Weiss Schwarz terms means a lot. In fact, this card may just be the game ender when your opponent is level 3 and approaching death.

With that other level 3 Shana that’s showcased that day, this Margery Daw may just be a good staple to have in a red Shana deck.

April 18th, Card of the Day

What do you know, it’s the other RR rarity card for red in Shakugan no Shana today. 1/1, 4k power, soul trigger, Fire and Weapon trraits. First ability: +500 to all Fire trait characters. Secondly, place any two characters to rest to grant one of your Characters the following ability; if the targeted character reverses a level 1 or higher character in combat, you may return one Character from your Waiting Room to your Hand, then drop one card of any kind from your Hand to your Waiting Room. A free hand exchange, and a decent buffer that does not succumb easily to cards like Hiten Musougiri or Level Upper Saten’s backrow destruction ability via power subtraction. Still vulnerable to abilities like Jun and Moros though.

Combine this card with the other Level 1 Shana’s Power of Thoughts climax combo and that’s a guaranteed +3 to your hand on top of a hand exchange.

April 15th, Card of the Day

Well, what do you know. Here’s the third climax synergy for Shakugan no Shana’s red cards, along with the awesome looking level 3 card to come with it. And yeah, her rarity is RR, and her climax is a CR.

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April 14th, Card of the Day

Contrary to the sick Yuuji card that was featured yesterday, the Hecate today is a lot less strong, but nevertheless useful.

0/0, 2.5k power, Fire and Maiden traits. Her ability – if your opponent has 3 or less characters, this card gains an additional 2k power on your opponent’s turns. Which means 4.5k power total. In order to prevent this from happening, your opponent has to have at least four characters on his stage. Extremely defensive card no less, but easily countered, and there’s always Wilhelmina (featured in a previous post) to make sure she ends up in the Waiting Room anyway. Of course, if your opponent does not run cards that are meant to wreck level 0s, this card will take a little more work to get rid of.