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July 19th, Card of the Day

Hey guys, guess how strong is the Triangular Alto the previous card of the day changes to! Good lord, it is becoming the next Milky Holmes with a lot less lolis and a lot more singing, aliens and variable fighters.

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June 27th, Card of the Day

Now that Bakemonogatari and Rewrite TDs have been released, it’s time for the card of the days for the up and coming Macross Frontier booster pack, coming to a store near you on the 23rd of July! For it’s debut card though, this is pretty disappointing.

“Pretty Little Devil” Sheryl, 1/1, 3.5k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Music and Love traits. This card has basic support; all of your characters in front of this card gain +500 power. It’s second ability is an Experience ability – if you have cards whose total level equals to 4 or higher in your level area, she grants another +500 power to all of your characters in front of her.

In short, if you have level 4 or higher in experience, she grants +1k to all characters in front of her. Pretty awesome, right? No, this is absolutely horrendous. To activate her Experience ability, you will need to be at least level 2, because the highest a card’s level can go is 3, so you will need to place at least two cards on your level area (either 3+1 or 2+2). By then, you will probably have better support to play than this crap. For you Angel Beats players, how does this compare to the 2/1 Iwasawa? Who do you think is superior? Unless Bushiroad releases more experience abilities for it’s other cards, this card will probably be laying in the cesspool of useless Rs for quite some time.

17th March – Card of the Day

Okay, another card from Macross Frontier. Oh, no effects for this one. Oh wells =/


A 1/1 7K Sheryl.  As with Ranka, this card might be good simply for its 2 well supported characteristic. I’m also pretty sure we can look forward to name buffs for Sheryl as well. The fact that its a TD card is a plus point as well since 1/1 7Ks are deck staples for many decks nowadays.

9th March – Card of the Day

Another from Macross Frontier! Oh, did i see a Visa? no i mean, a Vega card?

Card Effects:

– Cards infront of this card gains 500 power.

– On your turn, when this card is on the field, and when any character on your field declares a direct attack, choose a character card you control, that card gains 500 power for that turn.

1st March – Card of the Day

Another one from Macross Frontier! Oh by the  way, it’s March already.

Card Effect:

– Backup 3000, you can only use this card if you are level 2 or above. When a character you control is being front-ed by an opposing character, you can send this card from hand to the waiting room and pay 1 cost. Your character that is being front-ed gains 3000 power.

27th February – Card of the Day

Today, two new cards respective from Shakugan no Shana and Macross Frontier has been disclosed!

From Macross Frontier, we have…



Card Effects:

-When you control 3 or more characters with [Music] trait, this card gains 1000 power.

-When this card comes into play from hand, send the top card of your clock zone to your waiting room.


And now from Shakugan no Shana, we have….


Card Effect:

– Tap one character with [Fire] trait, this card gains 1000 power for this turn.