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New Persona Game not only RPG as expected

Besides Persona 4 having an anime, there are 3 more news that will rock you off your chair! Firstly, as the screenshot shows, Atlus is going to be joining up with Arc System Works to create a 2D fighting game based on the persona series! Arc System Works are well known for their Guilty Gears series and the recent BlazBlue series. The title of the game would be “Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena”(Tentative).

The second big news is of course to PSVita port of Persona 4. With PSVita(JP) releasing the end of this year and PSVita(NA) releasing start of the next year, it’s no wonder games are porting over to that console. Those who have not played Persona 3 Portable can rest assured that all PSP PSN/downloadable games are compatible with the PSVita or as heard by Sony.

Lastly PERSONA 5 Nuff said ^^v

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May 23rd, Card of the Day

With the release of both trial decks for Idolm@ster 2 and Bakemonogatari, the cards of the day now focus on the upcoming extra booster that’s coming out this weekend, Disgaea 4! Today, the card featured is Nemo.

0/0, 2k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Spirit and Glasses traits. His ability: when this card is reversed via battle, you may place one card from your opponent’s Clock to his Waiting Room. If you do, place one card from the top of his Deck onto his Clock.

May 18th, Card of the Day

Anyone a fan of Emizel, a shinigami (death god) from Disgaea 4? If you are, today’s card of the day in his level 2 glory.

2/2, 8k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Demon and Dead traits. If you have four or less cards in your hand, this card gains +1k additional power. If this card reverses an opponent’s character via combat, you may send it to the top of your opponent’s stock. Decent card for yellow, since it’s known for having low hand due to all it’s quick change gimmicks, easily allowing you to activate it’s first power boost ability. It’s second effect allows you to prevent encore, so if there’s a card you are hard pressed to get rid of, this is the perfect card for stock burying your opponent’s characters.

May 12th, Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day features the fallen angel – now Archangel – who is so obsessed with love, Flonne. She hails from the upcoming Disgaea 4 game.

1/1, 3.5k power, Angel and Love traits, soul trigger. Abilities: All level 2 and higher cards in front of her gains +1k power. You may pay 2 stock and put this card to Rest to search your deck for an Angel, Love or Demon character, show it to your opponent, then add it to your hand, and shuffle your Deck. A really good support card that backs up as a searcher for the three main Disgaea traits. No doubt that this is a staple for a green Disgaea deck given how good it’s abilities are. At 3.5k power, she isn’t easily removable at a single try via power subtraction. It’s no wonder this card is a Rare.

May 11th, Card of the Day

I should be attending an interview, not doing this at this hour, goodness. But lo and behold, my interview was scheduled to be today, but due to some reason it was rescheduled until next monday. But never mind that, here’s the card of the day for today, “Rebel Against The Gods” Valvatorez from Disgaea 4, in his level 3 form. A really solid card.

3/2, 2 10k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Demon and Blood traits. If you have three or more “Demon”, “Angel” or “Prinny” trait characters on your Stage, he gains an additional +1k power. The character in front of this card gets -1 soul. When you play the climax “Kizuna” (Bonds) on your Climax Area when this card is in your Front Stage, you may pay 1 stock to instantly kill (via sending to Waiting Room) one of your opponents level 3 or below front row characters.

It’s fairly easy to fulfill the first condition; if you are running a Disgaea demon deck, your backrow supports are very likely to be of Prinny trait. Having another Valvatorez counts as another Demon, so theoretically it’s really easy to get the +1k buff to him. Soul reduction debuffs can work with or against you, so it’s kinda of a mixed reaction for me there. The climax combo is pretty sick, though; If there’s a strong level 3 or below card you can’t seem to safely kill (I’m looking at you, Classmate Saten), you can pay 1 to send it straight to the Waiting Room. Remember that the timing is when the climax is played, hence you can repeat the effect for every front row Valvatorez you have on the field. Your opponent has to decide whether to encore his dead characters or not before Valvatorez strikes directly via combat.

May 6th, Card of the Day

Hi everyone. It’s me again and today’s cards of the day are from Disgaea 4. It’s a pair of Varbatose and Altina.

Check it out!

Let’s see the 1st card, 2/1 5k Tyrant Varbatose with Demon and Blood traits. When this card is played on field, adds 1k power to another Demon character for that turn. It’s also a lvl 2 suicide so this card will be pretty handy if you’re low on power and wants opponent’s field to be wiped. Generally good for a suicide deck or a demon deck as well.

Nurse Altina, has nurse and love traits at 0/0 2k power. It’s a card with the bond effect that allows paying of 1 stock to search for Tyrant Varbatose from the waiting room and put to hand. Encourages user to use both Altina and Varbatose to allow suicide cards to be summoned when necessary.