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Nanoha Movie 2nd Event

Can anybody guess what is happening on the 14th of July in Japan? Hint(It is a very big event for a Nanoha fan’s world wide). Yup, you guess it, it is the screening of Nanoha movie 2nd nation wide in Japan, and some of our members decided not to give it a miss and get a first hand experience on the movie before it hits the stores in Blu-Ray and DVD’s.
Well, here is what they have to say about the event itself with pictures and all.

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Type Moon Festival

The month of July, there is so many upcoming events in Japan, and some of our brave members decided to fly over there to bring you some of the events which is going to be featured there. And we bring to you the Type Moon Fes which was held to celebrate 10 years of fabulous work from Type Moon.  For those who dont know Type Moon, they are the company that started off with Tsukihime and after which they branch out to other works like Fate/Stay Night and Cannan. Their most recent works was Fate/Zero which recently just finished airing. Without further ado, this is what our dear members have to say about the festival itself.

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April 17th, Card of the Day

With the upcoming DC in the month of June, but I feel that it is quite early to be showing previews of DC. Anyways, here we are for today’s card and we have Sara

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Fate/Zero Episode 11 Review

Now, this is one of the most highly anticipated episode for me as I can finally get to see another type of Reality Marble being animated other than Archer from the FSN series. Now without further ado, I will be introducing Iskandar’s ultimate weapon, Ionian Hetairoi!

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Fate/Zero Episode 10 Review

For this episode, it really went a different route from the novel and it was a totally original idea and has almost no link to the novel at all. This episode was mainly for the Rin fans out there as they went berserk over that one of the favourite girls of the FSN series has a whole episode to herself.

(I really do wish that Sakura still has black hair)

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Fate/Zero Episode 9 Review

Now, after a very intense battle between from both the Masters and the Servants, this episode isnt really as climatic as the previous one but it has it charms.

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Fate/Zero Episode 8 Review

I was awaiting for this episode for quite some time when I can finally see the words put into animation for a particular Magus who goes by the name Emiya Kiritsugu. It took 7 weeks but finally I can see how Ufotable depicts Kiritsugu’s weapons along with this fighting style and I had to give it to them to try and follow it word for word.

(This episode in a nutshell)

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