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May 27th, Card of the Day

The cards continue to get more interesting day by day. Disgaea 4 looks like it’s going to be one of the top series once it gets released! Check this out, it’s Fuuka from Persona 3 Disgaea 4!

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May 1st, Card of the Day

Happy Labour Day! It’s surprising that Bushiroad is releasing a card of the day even during a public holiday! Anyway, here you go, it’s Valvatorez from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

2/1, 2.5k power, soul  trigger, Blood and Demon traits. It’s a 3k backup counter, so there isn’t much to talk about with regards to this card. It’s a Demon, so it’s searchable via the myriad of  salvages available to Disgaea.

April 28th, Card of the Day

Sorry folks for the short and brief post yesterday, I wasn’t in a good mood to do a full rundown on Yayoi, not that there is much to talk about her to begin with. *cough* Anyway, I bring you today’s card of the day, a new character (?) from Disgaea 4, “Wants to be a last boss Desco”!

0/0, 500, Demon and Clone traits. Her abilties are: +500 to all other “Clone” and “Dead” trait characters. I’m looking at you, Fate Testarossa and Angel Beats. Her second ability is a nice Brainstorm; pay 1 and put this card to Rest. Drop the top four cards of your Deck to your Waiting Room. For every Climax milled this way, you draw a card. A quick way to get hand and reduce your deck size! Even if you mill no climaxes using her brainstorm, you have effectively nullified at least 4 cards that could have been damage! Overall, a really good support card to have, and no wonder she’s a rarity R.

April 25th, Card of the Day

Now that the Shana boosters have been released, the cards of the day will now feature cards from Disgaea 4 Extra Pack, Idolm@ster 2 Trial Deck and Bakemonogatari trial deck. Today, its’ a vanilla Laharl.

1/1, Demon and Weapon traits, 7k power, no soul trigger. Standard issue level 1 vanilla. Nothing too special, but still a good splashable Laharl card that exists in an era of 7k vanillas without soul trigger.

Disgaea 4, the final series of this year for Weiss Schwarz?

As the title states, two PR cards is revealed to be inside Disgaea 4 Limited Edition box.

I’ll link the two cards here, for more information, you can head towards for more information about the game.