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September 5th, Card of the Day

More newly shown Rewrite cards, but today’s cards seems so Kagari-ish. It’s both Kagari!

“The Seeker” Kagari. Level 0, Cost 0. 2000 power with no soul trigger.  Key and Time traits.

During the beginning of opponent’s encore phase, select one other character you control, during that turn, it gains [Automatic] Encore (You may discard one character to the waiting room and place that character back in rest)

Basically, with this Kagari anywhere on the field, even if she is reversed, you can always target another character to grant free hand encore. Plus it’s during opponent’s encore phase, so it’s really helpful to any deck!


“Key Girl” Kagari. Level 0, Cost 0.  2500 power with no soul trigger. Key and Time traits.

[2] When this card attacks, and when you have a blue colored climax in your climax zone, you may pay the cost, if you do, draw 1 card from the deck and this card’s power + 1000.

Pretty much an obvious draw engine, although paying 2 for one hand and a small power boost for a Level 0 card might not be so worth the cost. But it sure helps when you get climaxes in your stock and all you need is only a blue climax! Definitely a great card for any deck that runs blue colored climaxes.



1st July: Card of the Day

Hey there. today’s card of the day is a 3/2 Ranka along with its climax synergy.

Let’s check out the cards:

Card effects:

– When this card is played from hand to stage or put to the stage by a [Change] effect, place 1 card from the Clock area to waiting room. (Heal 1)

– When the climax [Rainbow-Colored Bear Bear] (displayed climax above) is put in your Climax Border, and this card is in the Center Stage, you may pay the cost of 1 stock.
If you do so, look for up to 1 <<Love>> character from your Deck and put it to any Border you wish. Shuffle the deck.

Climax is a +1k + 1soul to all characters with a Gold bar trigger.

Simply speaking, this is a pretty strong card as it allows the search of any <<Love>> character and playing it onto the stage at the cost of just 1 stock. This means that a lvl 2 or a lvl 3, which usually requires 2 cost, can be reduced to just 1 by doing so. However, other than healing 1 damage from play, by itself, it’s just a typical 3/2 10k on its own.

Nevertheless, this is a very strong card to have for any <<Love>> deck and can also change the situation of the stage as your opponent will not know which card you will be playing down when it was just an empty border in the 1st place.

Magical Lyrical Nanoha A’s : Gears of Destiny release date confirmed!

Hi everyone!

I bring news to all Nanoha fans out there that the highly-anticipated Nanoha A’s: Gears of Destiny release date for the PSP has been confirmed! Woots!

Following the sequel to the game, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s Portable: The Battle of Aces, this game will continue to contain loads of 3D fighting using your favourite characters from the Nanoha series.

Slated for a late Dec 2011 release, this game will come in the form of a Limited Edition which will contain the following items along with the game.

  • Nendroid set of the three Materials (Material-s, Material-L, Material-D)
  • GOD BOX special DVD animation
  • W.S. Trial deck for Nanoha GOD
  • Nanoha GOD shower curtain
  • Nanoha GOD Air Cushion

Also, the pre-ordering of this limited editon set will also come with 2 exclusive PRs of Nanoha G.O.D which has not been revealed yet.

With so much goodies and more 3D fighting with your favourite Nanoha characters, this game is definitely a must for ALL fans who have been chasing this series. Check out Nanoha G.O.D for more information.


Mimori Suzuko – Appearance at Gamehub Games Show @ Malaysia!

Might be late news, but why not, after all she is part of the Milky Holmes team.

Malaysian Weiss Schwarz players! I guess you guys are all in luck!  Our dear Suzuko Mimori will be appearing at the Show at Malaysia today! Mimori is part of the Milky Holmes’ seiyuus, which consists of  Tokui Sora, Sasaki Mikoi and Izumi Kitta. Mimori takes the role of Sherlock Sherlliford who is the proclaimed leader of the Milky Holmes Detective team!

But this time, other than only signing for Sherlock cards, she also signs for Fuuka cards! She voices Fuuka in Disgaea 4 for the PS3 as well! Not just that but, she would be performing a song during that event as well! I believe it is
グッデイ・エブリデイ which in English means, Good Day Everyday.  I have not heard the full version of that song but I’m pretty sure it’s a great song!  To add on, not only cards can be signed by her, any media that is related to her can be signed by her! So what are you waiting for!? Spend a 100RM during the event at Bushiroad’s booth and get a chance to have her sign on your beloved items that you want her to sign on!

Other than Mimori’s appearance, they will be a tournament for Weiss Schwarz and also for Cardfight! Vanguard. Prizes are really amazing as well! Both tournaments are walk-in registration, so start going earlier to get your slots in the tournament before it gets filled up!
Lastly, for those players who have some silver or gold bags with you, it’s time to exchange for some limited edition items from the Bushiroad booth as well! These items are once again first come first serve, so do come early to exchange for the rarer items in case they got looted by someone else!

With this, I wish those players going to this event good luck during the tournaments if you guys are joining and have fun even if you are not! Once again, Mimori! I’m sure the other three detectives are rooting from you in Japan! Go go Milky!

Link to the actual article :

Milky Holmes Extra Pack Announced! Titled as, “Milky Holmes: The Phantom Thieves Strikes Back!”

Referred to one of the best series of Weiss Schwarz, Bushiroad releases an Extra Pack and is upon release at 20th August 2011.


The colors of the four detectives are the same, but where are the bandits in this Extra Pack? I wouldn’t mind and others won’t too, if they do have some climax cards for the Police and Phantom Thieves!

June 2nd – Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day is from Rewrite and it’s a yellow event called The School Witch. Let’s see the effects:

A 2/0 yellow event which grants 5k to a character. It also lets the opponent to choose a number from 1 to 3. The player then places 3 cards from his deck to waiting room. If the value opponent speaks is the same as the number of <<Occult>> characters revealed, draw 1 card.

For a 2/0, this event definitely looks very strong with a 5k power to any character, as well as having 1 out of 3 chance of drawing an additional card which will be really helpful at no cost at all. Better prepare for occult trait decks if you want to play this event along!

Bushiroad’s Weiss Schwarz “PR Card Reloaded Campaign 2011”!

There’s no official article on the main website regarding this campaign, so I thought I’ll create a little awareness on this subject. Bushiroad is now offering silver/gold ticket exchange for about 40 PR cards that were released from 2008-2011. You cannot choose what card to have, they come randomly in packs of 3, promotional card-pack style.

Here’s the partial list of acquirable PRs they have revealed.

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