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Fate Extra 4th elimination match

Right, as i chose Rin instead of Rani, from here on forth, the posts will be following the Rin route unless specified otherwise. By the way, did i mention i prefer Rin?
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Fate Extra 3rd elimination match

This time, this post will be about the 3rd week of the game. As with all Fate Extra post, do not proceed if you do not want to spoil yourself.
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Fate Extra 2nd elimination match

Picking up where we left off, this post will be about the second week, which is of course after you gave shinji his well-deserved butt-kicking. Now that i think about it, Shinji being the 1st one to get killed combined with a cuter looking Sakura who does not have a troubled past, the game-creator seems to be hinting something. Well as usual, to those who do not want to be spoiled: do not click read more, or do not read below.

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Fate Extra 1st elimination match

After the introduction, i’ll be covering the 1st week of Fate/Extra Game-play. To those who want to play the game without any help should not press the read more button, neither should he read on.

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Fate Extra Gameplay

Finally, I’ve gotten Fate/Extra USA and the time to play it. So i’ll be posting about the game and some of my thoughts. (Warning may contain Spoilers, click at your own risk.)

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Fate Extra English stated to be released this year

To all fans of nasuverse, this is news to rejoice over. According to this source the English version PSP game Fate/Extra is stated to be released this year! Furthurmore, Amazon stated the date of October the 18th as the date of release. To those who do not know what this game is; it is the PSP port of a game spin-off-ed from the Fate/Stay Night Series. Regardless whether the release truly is this october, the mere fact that it would be released this year is a great news in itself. Of course here’s hoping WS will continue increasing their Fate Series cards with this release.

Side unrelated note: the name of this company sounds similar to Xyz of Yugioh eh?