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14th March – Card of the Day

No more TD cards from Bushiroad I guess. Today Bushiroad brings us a Katanagatari, R card!

Card effects:

– Support. Cards infront of this card gains X multiplied by500 power. X is the level of the card that is being supported.

– [Send this card to memory zone] When the climax card [The end of journey] is on the field, and if you paid the cost, choose one card with this name (unconfirmed) in your hand,  replace at this card position, untapped.


7th March – Card of the Day

Finally! Now a level 3 for Katanagatari!

Card Effects:

– The opposing character card gets -1 soul.

– When this card is played on the field from the hand, you can pay 2 cost to search a character with [Weapon] trait in your waiting room and add it to your hand.

28th February – Card of the Day

Today, another card has been disclosed!

Let’s welcome Katanagatari to Weiss Schwarz!

Card Effects:

-When this card comes into play from hand, tap one character with [Wafuku] trait.

-When the opposing character card is reversed, pay 2 cost to search for a [Weapon] trait character in your waiting room, show it to your opponent and add it to your hand.