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April 19th, Card of the Day

Level buffers. When you are running level 3 or level marker cards, don’t you love these cards? They add power according to your level. Today, we bring you the card of the day, the level buffer for Shakugan no Shana – Margery Daw!

Yeah I know, she’s got blood all over her, including her breasts which are nearly spilling out of her ill-fitting blouse. *cough* Her effects are as follows; cards in front of her gain Power +X, X being the level of the character multiplied by 500. Now for an interesting secondary effect: when she comes into play, you may pay two stock to deal 1 direct damage to your opponent. If you got the extra stock, I don’t see why not – 1 damage in Weiss Schwarz terms means a lot. In fact, this card may just be the game ender when your opponent is level 3 and approaching death.

With that other level 3 Shana that’s showcased that day, this Margery Daw may just be a good staple to have in a red Shana deck.


April 7th, Card of the Day

Hey Hey, I’m back again.
Now for the card of the day today. It’s your lovely Margery Daw in a red card.

Card Effects: Counter cards cannot be played from hand.

Really cool 1/1 7000 with flame and book traits. It has a soul trigger on top of it’s 7k power, so the drawback? As long as this card is face-up on the field, you can’t play any events nor use any backups. Hence, there is no way to save your cards from being run over once she’s on the field.  It’s just an Uncommon card though so most likely this card will come in plenty for those getting boxes and cartons.

8th March – Card of the Day

And now we have Margery as a counter card for Shana!

Card Effect:

– Backup 1500, you can only play this card if you are level 1 or above. When your character is being front-ed by the opposing character, you can discard this card from hand. Your character that is being front-ed gains 1500 power for that turn.