April 1st, Card of the Day

First of, Happy April Fools Day to all of our readers! Thankfully, the cards that are showcased on the main website aren’t jokes at all. Or are they…? Today, they are bringing us not one, not two, but three cards of the day! Shall we take a look?

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31st March – Card of the Day

After a card from Shana & Macross, it’s back to Katanagatari!
This time round it’s Sabi Hakuhei!


Card Effect: 【Startup】BRAINSTORM (1) Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck, and put it to to your waiting room. For each climax revealed this way, for that turn, this card gains 1k power and 1 soul.


At 1/1 6500 power, it’s a pretty good card to have for a soul rush deck and handy for milling purposes. Brainstorm only comes in 1 cost which makes it a really cheap effect to use.

30th March – Card of the Day

Today’s WS card of the day is Sheryl from Macross Frontier. A TD exclusive like yesterday’s Shana card. Check it out!

Card Effect: When this card is played from hand to the field, if there are 3 or more other <Music> characters on the field, for that turn, this chracter gains soul +1.

This’s a pretty good card in my opinion simply with that effect alone, since soul is a crucial factor to winning the game in WS. A must for all ongaku decks!

29th March – Card of the Day

Finally we see a card of the different series. It’s a TD exclusive from the Shakugan no Shana series.

Card effect: Encore [Drop 1 character from hand to waiting room](When this card is moved from the playing field to the waiting room, you can pay the cost. Return this card back to the field in [Rest] position.)

A lvl 0/0 encore TD-exclusive doesnt sound like much, but players will definitely get this card for its fine art and players who want to keep their characters on the field cheap. An average encore card with 2500 attack though.

28th March – Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day is from Katanagatari again.
It’s Konayuki and it looks cuter than Princess Hitei IMO. Lol….

Card Effects: When this card is played from your hand to the field, check the top card from your deck. If the top card is not of the trait  <Weapon>, this card gains the following ability for that turn. [【Continuous】 This card cannot front attack.] (Revealed top card is flipped back down.)

Personally, this card is pretty strong @ 2/2 9.5k power. The negative effect is also not too bad as you can still side attack with it if your top card does not have the <Weapon> trait. Looks like a <Weapon> deck will be in place for those who wants to play Konayuki in their deck…

Spring 2011 Anime

To all anime fans that did not scour the interwebs for gems, I present to you 2 charts created by other anime fans for us to have a overview of the upcoming animes.

Shakugan no Shana Promo Cards

Yo everyone, it’s me again!

As you may know (or not), the booster boxes for the Shakugan no Shana series will come with a PR card instead of a set of 5 sleeves for each box. This is different from the trend that WS boxes usually come with so far.

Thus I’m here today to show you guys the PR cards that Bushiroad will be releasing together with the booster box.
So far, 7  cards has been released on the official WS website.
The booster box has been scheduled for an April 24th release but may be delayed depending on the situation in Japan.


So, will people be attracted to the kawaii looks of Shana, Shana-tan & Hecate-tan in these PR?
We can only know it when they hit our stores in the very near future..

On a sidenote, Shakugan no Shana & Macross Frontier TDs will officially be out on April 2nd (Next Sat) in Japan. The Katanagatari EP will also be out on that day so keep your wallets full for them when it arrives here in Singapore!

And that’s my report for today, peace everyone!