August 22nd, Card of the Day

All right, so Ritsuko still maintains her idol status though she was supposedly upgraded to Producer for Ryuugyu Komachi, and now she’s in green? A really nice ouen, but an odd ability though.

“Ruler in the Shadows Ritsuko”, 2/1, 4k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Music and Glasses traits. Has a support ability; all of your characters in front of this card gains +1k power. Second ability is a climax synergy; when you play her corresponding climax “Mahou O Kakete” (Look at this Magic!) onto your Climax Area, and this card is in Stand position, you may pay the stated cost of putting it to Rest. If you do, return one level 2 or higher character from your Clock onto your Hand. Then place the top card of your Deck onto your Clock Area. Yes, she is one of the two RRs for green IM@S 2, and even her climax is CR. Finally IM@S gets a good ouen card, on top of a decent synergy that gives you additional hand to prepare for the late game!

Said climax is “Mahou O Kakete” (Look at this Magic!), it gives 1k power, 1 soul to all of your characters. Has a Treasure trigger; if you trigger this card during a character’s trigger check, add this card to your hand, and you may place one card from the top of your Deck to your Stock.


Zero no Tsukaima 4th Season Announced

After receiving news of Noboru Yamaguchi’s successful cancer operation, comes another good news. The fourth season of the anime series is announced. The season is expected to cover the last few novels and hopefully the conclusion of the series. This might also spell of new cards in Weiss Schwarz for the new season!

August 19th, Card of the Day

A really good Kanade, more Arsene, and a certain Da Capo hottie named Asakura Otome. Arsene’s counter clearly breaks the game balance in terms of counters, but Bushiroad wouldn’t care, because it’s their flagship title and they have all the power to milk it, giving you the “Problem?” look.

The yellow card on the left is “God’s Servant” Kanade, 1/1, 7.5k, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Dead and Student Council traits. When this card is played from your Hand to your Stage, reveal the top card of your Deck. If the revealed card is not a “Dead” trait character, send this character to the Waiting Room during the start of your Encore Step.

The blue card is a counter card; “Longing For A Good Adversary Arsene”,  1/1, 2k, 1 soul, soul trigger, Bandit and Mask traits. This card is a Counter card; you may discard this card to your Waiting Room when one of your characters receive a Front Attack. If you do, the character that received the Front Attack gains +1.5k power. When this card is used for it’s Counter effect, you may add +1k power to a Bandit trait character on your Stage. And you need not fulfill any other conditions for the bonus power. What the heck is this, Bushiroad?

The other yellow card on the right is “Date At The Sakura Garden Otome”, 1/0, 5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Magic and Student Council traits. When this card declares an attack, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a “Magic” trait character, all of your characters gain +500 power until the end of this turn.

Weiss Schwarz Banlist, Effective from 27th August 2011 to February 29th, 2012

Now this is a huge shocker. Notice how a certain esper-filled series pretty much dominated the metagame in the latest Bushiroad CardFight 2011? So… here comes the banhammer. Bold text indicates new entries to the banlist.
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August 18th, Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day features Yui from the Angel Beats EP and Kotori from Idolm@ster 2.

The yellow card is “Maradona Yui”, 2/1, 8k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Dead and Music traits. Has a Recollection ability; when you have two or more cards in your Memory area, this card gains +500 power, and an additional +1k power during your own turns.

The red card is “King of Wild Imagination?! Kotori”, 0/0, 2k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Music trait. Also has a Recollection ability; when your other characters become reversed via battle, and there is an Event in your Memory Area, you may choose one of your characters and grant it +1.5k bonus power until the end of this turn.

August 17th, Card of the Day

Hey everyone. Once again, today we’re back to a Milky Holmes card along with another DC Promo Card. Let’s see the cards and effects!

Mary & Kate. Milky Holmes Card, 0/0 1500 power. Bandit and Love traits. When this card is played down from hand to the stage, look at the top two cards of your opponent’s deck and rearrange them. At the same turn, you can also drop a <<Sweets>> trait character from your hand to the waiting room to buff this card by another 4000 power. Pretty strong if you’re needing the boost to beat down much stronger lvl 0s, but not really helpful as it’s an one turn thing only.

Cooking Nemu. DC Promo Card. 0/0 2000 power with Magic & Judgment traits. When this card reverses an opponent’s character in battle, you can pay the cost of 2 stock to salvage any character from your waiting room and place it to your hand. Pretty good effect which can fit in any generic deck, but the fact that it’s just 2000 base power makes it hard to reverse an opponent’s character, especially in late game.

August 16th, Card of the Day

Today, we have an actually fairly useful Iwasawa of Girls Dead Monster fame and finally a new Takane card! She’s now in blue? Wow, now that’s an odd change. Not that great of an ability, but this is getting quite prominent in recent series as of late.

The yellow card is “Guitar Performer Iwasawa”, 1/0, 3k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Dead and Music traits. When this card gets reversed in battle, you may pay the stated cost of 2 stock and placing this card in your Memory Area. If you do, search your deck for one Dead trait character, show it to your opponent, and add it to your Hand, then shuffle your Deck. This card is a great searcher for any Angel Beats based deck, and a good memory fodder to boot! There are enough GDM cards to play around them after the EP, so Iwasawa should be showing her face in Angel Beats decks more often than not now.

The blue card is “Looking Towards The Top Takane”, 2/2, 8.5k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Music and Royalty traits. Has a Startup effect; You may pay the stated cost of moving one “Hellish 765 Pro Training” from your Memory Area to your Waiting Room. If you do, until the end of your opponent’s next turn, Takane gains +1.5k power. More of Idolm@ster’s memory bomb synergy at work here. Currently we have no idea what’s the event going to be, but at maximum potential, you can memory burst her to a monstrous 14.5k that lasts all the way until your next turn.