4th March – Card of the Day

Finally, a climax combo has been revealed! And it’s from Ranka in Macross Frontier!

Card Effect:

– When this card declares attack with the climax card [Aimo] is on field. You can pay 1 cost to search your deck for a character that is level 1 and below and contains the trait, [Music] or [Vajra]. Show it to your opponent the card you searched out and add it to your hand. After that, shuffle your deck.

Climax Effect:

-All characters you control gains 1000 power and 1 soul for that turn.
[Bag] (If you trigger this card during your trigger step, you can choose to add the top card of your deck to your stock. This climax goes to the stock afterwards as well.)

3rd March – Card of the Day

And for today, we have Katanagatari!

Card Effect:

– When you control 2 or more <Wafuku> traits characters on the field, this card gains 1000 power.

2nd March – Card of the Day

Today, we have a cool loli! If you have guessed, it’s Shana of course!

Card Effects:

-Cards infront of this card gains 500 power.

-When this card is on the field, and a character with [Fire] trait is played onto the field from the hand, choose a character card on your field and that card gains 1000 power. This effect can only be used once per turn.

1st March – Card of the Day

Another one from Macross Frontier! Oh by the  way, it’s March already.

Card Effect:

– Backup 3000, you can only use this card if you are level 2 or above. When a character you control is being front-ed by an opposing character, you can send this card from hand to the waiting room and pay 1 cost. Your character that is being front-ed gains 3000 power.

28th February – Card of the Day

Today, another card has been disclosed!

Let’s welcome Katanagatari to Weiss Schwarz!

Card Effects:

-When this card comes into play from hand, tap one character with [Wafuku] trait.

-When the opposing character card is reversed, pay 2 cost to search for a [Weapon] trait character in your waiting room, show it to your opponent and add it to your hand.

27th February – Card of the Day

Today, two new cards respective from Shakugan no Shana and Macross Frontier has been disclosed!

From Macross Frontier, we have…



Card Effects:

-When you control 3 or more characters with [Music] trait, this card gains 1000 power.

-When this card comes into play from hand, send the top card of your clock zone to your waiting room.


And now from Shakugan no Shana, we have….


Card Effect:

– Tap one character with [Fire] trait, this card gains 1000 power for this turn.