June 24th, Card of the Day

This post is a day late, and as of the time of writing, the Bakemonogatari boosters and Rewrite trial decks were released, along with it’s decklists on the main ws-tcg.com website. Nevertheless, this will be the last set of Bakemonogatari and Rewrite TD card of the days you’ll see.

The yellow Rewrite card features Kotori. 1/1, 6.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Plant and Occult traits. When this card attacks while you ave two other Occult trait characters on your Stage, all your characters gain +500 power until the end of this turn.

As for the Bakemonogatari card, it’s named “Lovers Koyomi Araragi and Senjougahara Hitagi’. 1/0, 4.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Strange and Blood traits. Has an experience effect; if the cards in your level area are 2 or more, this card gains +500 power (bumping it to 5k power) and hand encore. It’s second ability is a climax combo (it’s corresponding climax is a +2 soul buff) – when this card attacks while the climax “Watashi no subete” (My Everything), you may pay 1 stock. If you do, look at the top 5 cards of your deck, choose 1 Strange trait character from them, show it to your opponent and add it to your hand. Discard the rest of the cards into your Waiting Room.


June 23rd, Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day is Black Hanekawa from the Tsubasa Cat/Tiger branch of the Bakemonogatari story. Yeah, I know, random stupid cat girl, but she has a solid climax synergy to say the least.

“Black Hanekawa”, 2/2, 7.5k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Strange and Committee President traits. Her second ability is hand encore. Her first ability is a climax synergy; when this card attacks while “Tsubasa Cat” is played on your Climax Area, you may search your deck for a character whose name is identical to a character already on your Stage and add it to your hand, then shuffle your deck. This is a very powerful search ability with the smallest limtiation to date – no level limit, no trait restrictions, you just search for a copy of a character already on your Stage! This is the ability to use when you are missing a couple of key cards to form your combo, for instance; a missing backrow character. Of course, you may search for more copies of Hanekawa instead, why not? More Hanekawas, more search. This is especially powerful if comboed with cards that go back to your deck upon death.

June 22nd, Card of the Day

Today’s card is some random guy from Rewrite. He’s supposedly a delinquent from the protagonist’s school.

“Kazago Outlaw” Yoshino, 0/0, 2.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Delinquent trait. If you do not have any other front row characters, this card gains +1.5k power. This is a decent start to play onto your stage when you have the first turn, and subsequently too when you have a dead hand in the early game. With it’s ability, your opponent is forced to commit a bit more effort to getting rid of it, unless he has a level 0 suicide handy. If your opponent leaves it alone, that is one additional attack, and hence, stock, for you for your following turn.

June 21st, Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day is our cute little bouncy self-proclaimed tsundere from Bakemonogatari, Mayoi.

1/1, 5.5k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Strange and Spirit traits. Has an experience effect; if the total level of the cards in your level area is 2 or more, this card gains +500 power and hand encore. A really good and sustainable beatstick to use for a level 1 game!

June 20th, Card of the Day

Finally, our faith in Bushiroad has been answered!  Here’s a protagonist from a visual novel/eroge that does not suck at all (as opposed to Riki of Little Busters, Junichi/Yoshiyuki from Da Capo, derp) ! Not only is he level 3, he has an extremely good game ending ability! Check it out! It’s the protagonist of Rewrite!

Tennouji Kotarou, 3/2, 10k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Esper (rejoice, Index/Railgun fans) and Occult traits. When this card is played from your hand onto your Stage, you may draw up to 2 cards. Then you have to drop 1 card from your hand into your Waiting Room. Take note that the discarding is compulsory, so even if you choose not to draw any cards, you will still have to discard 1 card.

Here comes his awesome game ender. When this card attacks with the climax “Minna de Gardening” (Everybody’s Gardening), all of your other characters gain +2.5k power and 1 soul until the end of turn. No additional cost required; just the climax. As of now, we have no idea what the climax will be (1k 1 soul? 2 soul? 2k 1 soul 1 draw? 3 soul 1 draw? 1k 1 draw no soul?), but nevertheless, this is a wonderful card to use for your late game soul blitz. Plant him down with two other 2 soul characters, go gardening, then run all over your opponent with your soul damage.

Like every other card that plays around soul bonuses, it’s up to you how you want to distribute the soul damage to maximize or minimize the damage you want to deliver at one go. When your opponent is reaching his final few life points, you may choose to side against an opponent’s level 1 or 2 character just to deliberately reduce your opponent’s cancelling chance and finish him off with just enough damage.

June 17th, Card of the Day

The Hitagis just keep coming. Guess what, where’s another level 3 version of her at your disposal, and she has a really good effect as well! She’s an RR though. Featured along with her is our protagonist Araragi. Look at how he pales in comparison to Hitagi. Then again, he’s a C anyway.

Hitagi is 3/2, 10k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Strange and Stationery traits. She has an experience effect; when the total levels of the cards in your level area is 6 or more, she gains +500 power, and the following ability; when she reverses a level 2 or higher character by combat, you may pay 1 stock. If you do, select one of your opponent’s level 1 and below characters and send it to the Waiting Room. Second effect allows you to place the top card of your clock to your waiting room when she’s played from your hand. Whoops, no change effect? Nevertheless, it’s fun for utterly wrecking their backrow characters.

Araragi is 1/0, 4k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Strange and Blood traits. When you have a character with “Shinobi” in her name on your Stage, he gains 1.5k power. Second ability is hand encore. The interesting thing about this card is that several cards have the kanji “Shinobi” in them, so they fulfill Araragi’s ability requirement.



Weiss Schwarz Portable release dates and limited edition exclusives revealed!

Yeah, the info we have all been waiting for. The release date for WS Portable has been revealed, along with the limited ed exclusives!

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