Persona 4 Anime Announced

Hey i’m sure that most of you already know this but for the sake of the rest who don’t, Persona 4 is being adapted into an anime.

You can visit the site here (jp).

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July 6th, Card of the Day

Howdy folks, it’s me again, back from a hiatus, bringing you my daily card of the day updates. My fellow mates have already written articles on some of the pretty sick Macross Frontier cards that have been featured recently, and today’s certainly no disappointment. It’s a young Klan Klang!

“Forever Smiling Klan”, 2/2, 8k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Pilot trait. For every other Pilot character you have on your Stage, she gains +500 power. On a full field of pilot characters, she is 10k power not counting any supports you may have. This card is extremely strong in both offense and defense. Remember the other card of the day involving the crossdressing Alto? Place two of him in the backrow, and guess what, you’re at 11k power with a full field of Klan Klangs!

Deck Strategy(Nanoha & Fate)

Lets see, I was watching Nanoha & Fate working with each other in the anime and reading the two of them working with each other against the Book of Darkness and the JS gang. I had also noticed that there weren’t a lot of people playing the two girls together as it was quite a challenge to make one. Thus I decided to make a deck with the two girls inside, and i think it will works pretty well.

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Advance Play – Climax

Like in Den-o, Climax are powerful in WS too.

The topic this week is about Climax.

As the sole damage cancel mechanism, and one of the easiest way to give Characters soul pump and power pump, not to mention grant powerful Climax Synergy effects and having special triggers its not a huge surprise that Climax Cards(here on referred to as CX) are a big part of the game.

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Yugioh 5D’s Tag Force 6 Announced

After long last Yu Gi Oh 5D’s Tag Force 6 is scheduled to be released on Sept 2011. The story will of course be about the last arc of 5D’s (the wierdest arc ever). Not much information is out, however one can assumed the cards in the game will go all the way to recent released Boxes. (Xyz Summon!) Well, almost all characters from TF5 will be returning with new characters such as aporia, jean, harald and taro.

More information can be found in V jump or other yugioh sites.

5th July: Card of the Day

Fairly busy today rushing paper work and finally I have some breathing time to post this up. Well today we have Ozma leader of the Skull team from Macross Frontier doing his debut.(Applause) Finally someone other than the main characters and the usual girls and what not. Without further ado, here he is

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Milky Holmes Deck Tech, Part 1 – Introduction

This is part 1 of a mini-series about creating and playing the Milky Holmes card set of Weiss Schwarz in neo-standard (single series) format.

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