9th March – Card of the Day

Another from Macross Frontier! Oh, did i see a Visa? no i mean, a Vega card?

Card Effects:

– Cards infront of this card gains 500 power.

– On your turn, when this card is on the field, and when any character on your field declares a direct attack, choose a character card you control, that card gains 500 power for that turn.

8th March – Card of the Day

And now we have Margery as a counter card for Shana!

Card Effect:

– Backup 1500, you can only play this card if you are level 1 or above. When your character is being front-ed by the opposing character, you can discard this card from hand. Your character that is being front-ed gains 1500 power for that turn.

Your Favorite Moe Card Game gets more Portable than Ever!

Bushiroad had taken a leaf out of Konami’s book by turning their cash cow into portable form.


To all those who wish to use less money to test more decks, this is a sign! And their expected release date is within this year!!

First Post, Hi!

Hi all, this blog is going to be used as a place for some of us card game players to gather and receive information. We would like to focus on Weiss Schwarz or Weiβ Schwarz. A little introduction to this game, it’s a “star system japanese trading card game” (Whatever that is) created by Bushiroad. This is of course a 2 player card game full of moe and/or cool characters, knowing bushiroad. Well I hope to be able to update this blog with all the latest information!

7th March – Card of the Day

Finally! Now a level 3 for Katanagatari!

Card Effects:

– The opposing character card gets -1 soul.

– When this card is played on the field from the hand, you can pay 2 cost to search a character with [Weapon] trait in your waiting room and add it to your hand.

4th March – Card of the Day

Finally, a climax combo has been revealed! And it’s from Ranka in Macross Frontier!

Card Effect:

– When this card declares attack with the climax card [Aimo] is on field. You can pay 1 cost to search your deck for a character that is level 1 and below and contains the trait, [Music] or [Vajra]. Show it to your opponent the card you searched out and add it to your hand. After that, shuffle your deck.

Climax Effect:

-All characters you control gains 1000 power and 1 soul for that turn.
[Bag] (If you trigger this card during your trigger step, you can choose to add the top card of your deck to your stock. This climax goes to the stock afterwards as well.)

3rd March – Card of the Day

And for today, we have Katanagatari!

Card Effect:

– When you control 2 or more <Wafuku> traits characters on the field, this card gains 1000 power.