April 12th – Card of the Day

Hey folks,

I’m back to give you today’s card. It’s Yoshida Kazumi this time.

This card has a experience effect in that if your experience is 3 and above, this card gets a 2k buff in power on your turn.
2/1 8000 with love trait and soul trigger, this card is definitely good for a power beatdown deck @ Lvl 2. It also means though that you need to place at least a Lvl 2 and a Lvl 1 card as your level marker before you have this effect. Only flaw is the 1 soul it has, but considering this is a 2/1 card, having 1 soul is usually the case. I’m sure this card will be good for players who want a power deck considering this will be a 2/1 10k on your turn with the effect.

Look out for more cards coming soon!


April 11th, Card of the Day

Today, we have another Shana card for showcase! Here it is, named “Crimson Wings Shana”.

Level 1, 1 cost, 1 soul, 6.5k power. Her ability is a climax combo with her climax “Nandemo Dekiru”, or “I can do anything” in english. When she reverses a character by battle with said climax in your Climax Area, you get to recover one character back from your Waiting Room to your Hand. If you hit level 1 first and destroy your opponent’s field with a full field of this Shana, this is a confirmed +3 cards to your hand, and at 6.5k power, she’s not easily taken down. With two basic supporting backrows, she is 7.5k at best, and with a counter, she can hit up to 9.5k, which will be quite a chore for your opponent to try to take down.

So far, that’s two confirmed climax combos for red (Omoi no Chikara “Power of Thoughts”, and this), and they’re both level 1 effects. I wonder what will be the climax combo effect of the third climax? Hopefully it’s for a level 2 or higher card with a decent effect.

April 8th, Card of the Day

Woah, today’s card of the day sure is a surprise. It’s 2 cards here, the Master Throne Hecate, and her clone, Fumina Konoe! Let’s see the effects now. And both kisasohma and me will be telling you our opinions on these cards.

Card Effect: [Automatic] Change [Put this card from the field to the waiting room] At the start of your encore step, you may pay the cost. Then, choose one  <Time of Confrontation Hecate> from your waiting room and place it in the Border this card was in.

Card Effects:

[Automatic] When this card attacks, and when the climax <Direct Confrontation!> is on the climax zone, you may look for one <Flame> character from your deck and add it to your hand. Show it to your opponent. Shuffle your deck. If card is added into the hand, choose 1 card from your hand and add it to your waiting room.

[Automatic] Encore [Put 1 <Flame> character from your hand to the Clock area] (When this card is sent from the playing field to the waiting room, you may pay the cost. Then, this card is returned to the same border in <Rest> position.)

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April 7th, Card of the Day

Hey Hey, I’m back again.
Now for the card of the day today. It’s your lovely Margery Daw in a red card.

Card Effects: Counter cards cannot be played from hand.

Really cool 1/1 7000 with flame and book traits. It has a soul trigger on top of it’s 7k power, so the drawback? As long as this card is face-up on the field, you can’t play any events nor use any backups. Hence, there is no way to save your cards from being run over once she’s on the field.  It’s just an Uncommon card though so most likely this card will come in plenty for those getting boxes and cartons.

April 6th, Card of the Day

Now for a card from Shana whose colour (yellow) was hardly touched on if at all in the TD – Yoshida Kazumi, the obligatory oppai girl classmate that is also in love with Yuuji.

0/0, Power 2.5k. Her ability gives her +2000 power on your turn when you have only one other character or less on your front stage. In other words, you can only have up to two characters on your front stage (either one or both can be Kazumi) for her ability to activate. Then again, it only works on your turn, so she’s extremely vulnerable on your opponent’s turn. Nevertheless, this pretty much ensures a guaranteed kill if you need your opponent’s field wiped early on. Quite a decent ability for an R card, and on top of that, hey, Kazumi is a lovable girl to have anyway! Pardon me for liking oppai girls!

April 5th, Card of the Day

Derp, here I am again, bringing you the card of the day for today. It’s Wilhelmina Carmel from Shakugan no Shana, our favorite maid flame haze!

Level 0, cost 0, if reversed in battle by a level 0 or below character, that character is also put into reverse. This is what WS players usually call a ‘suicide’ effect. Second effect: pay 1 stock to kill one of your opponent’s level 0 or below front row characters.

Like the dozens other suicide cards that are already available in other series (hi Makoto, Shinjiro, Yuri, Kokoro and most notably Vita), this card is a good card to splash into any level 0 band, for the purpose of removing annoying level 0s. The best part about this card is, you have another choice of bombing another level 0 card with 1 stock instead of sending Wilhelmina to her untimely death against it if you are short on level 0 fighters. She can easily punish players who choose to over-commit too many level 0s early on.

April 4th, Card of the Day

Cards from the upcoming Shakugan no Shana booster are now being showcased as cards of the day. For today, it’s one of the red RRs in the booster; featuring none other than the main character – Shana.

Level 2, cost 2, 2 soul, 8.5k power, soul trigger, fire and weapon traits. If all of your characters have Fire traits, she gains an additional +1000 power.  Nothing exceptionally special about this double R compared to many others. A good card to slot in as a strong beater in your level 2 band, nevertheless. Not to mention the card’s art looks decent! It’s Shana!