August 15th, Card of the Day

The Milky Holmes and Angel Beats EPs have been given an early release during Comiket 80, so the entire card lists were already up on sites like Bigweb and Orenoturn. Nevertheless, I will cover them as we go day by day.

The blue card is “Boing Girl Henriette”, 0/0, 3k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Detective and Student Council traits. When this card is on your Stage, it gains the trait “Bandit”. This is a reference to the fact she is really Arsene. The card in front of this card gains +1 soul. When this card is battling, and you cancel the damage done during this battle’s damage check, this card gains +3k power.

The yellow card is “Afraid of Ghosts Mahiru”, 1/0, 5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Counsel trait. When this card is Reversed in battle, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a “Council Member” or “Counsel” trait character, move this card to your Memory Area.


Update on Yugioh! Banlist

Some cards that will be banned are confirmed, while new rules are being implemented for Synchro Summons.
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Milky Holmes Extra Pack Card List. Feat. Arsenes!

Pretty sure all of the Milky Holmes players and fans would wish to know the cards!  I will write the effects in a simple manner. Please do not mind it so much!

Lets start with this card then!

It’s the queen of the phantom thieves!

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August 12th, Card of the Day

True to the extra pack’s name, Milky Holmes – Counterattack of the Bandits; the mistress of the Bandit Kingdom, Arsene, is the level 3 card for the Blue color band! Pretty darn good for a card, too! The new level 3 Kanade, on the other hand, that can be changed out from yesterday’s 2/1 Kanade, is a tad bit disappointing.

The blue card is “Seductive Bandit Arsene”, 3/2, 9.5k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Bandit and Mask traits. If you have four other characters of “Bandit” trait or with the word “Henriette” in their names, this card’s level is subtracted by 1 when it’s in your Hand. Yes, with a full stage of bandits or Henriette’s (no, that ZnT princess does not count), you can summon this beast out at level 2. During your opponent’s turns, this card gains +1k power. Her last ability is a climax synergy; when this card attacks when the Climax DIVIDING DRIVERRR “Final Battle! Bandit vs Detective” is on your Climax Area, place the top card of your Clock into your Waiting Room. Until the end of your opponent’s turn, this card gains +1.5k power.

Not only can it be quick summoned, but her climax synergy is just awesomely powerful. She bursts to 11k power without counting supports and her climax buff, and not only that, you heal damage per attack, free of charge. Having three Arsene’s on the field means you are able to heal up to 3 damage with just one climax and ZERO stock! What in the world is this?! Not only that, her synergy’s bonuses last all the way until the end of your opponent’s turn, so in reality your opponent is contending with a 12k beast not counting support buffs on his turn. If he’s unable to kill you off, you might have ruined this day when you play down yet another climax on your following turn, recovering any damage that may have been dealt to you. Oh, and guess what, Arsene’s blue, so what else do we have for buffing AND healing? Yes, the dreaded Cordelia’s Garden.

The yellow card is “Words of Farewell Kanade”, 3/2, 10k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Dead and Student Council traits. When this card is played onto your stage from your Hand or via a Change effect, you may place the top card of your Clock onto your Waiting Room. Second ability’s a climax synergy; when you play the climax “Somewhere, Someday” onto your Climax Area, and this Kanade is in your Front Stage, you may pay the stated cost of 1 stock. If you do, select one of your opponent’s level 2 and below characters on his Stage and place it into his Stock area. Uh, really? You’re releasing a Kanade that is this weak despite the fact that the older Kanade was so much more powerful and more dreadful with it’s “doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t” on-kill ability? Perhaps it’s much better now since it gives you a good heal early on, but it’s nothing exceptionally special.


Yugioh! Sept 2011 Banlist SPECULATION

Yes the speculation in the name must be in bold for there are many site which claims their speculations as the real thing. Some like this even went so far as to photoshop previous V-Jump pages to show some ridiculous speculation, however one can see the problem by matching the card names, it doesn’t match at all. Anyways here’s the speculation that might or might not be true.

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August 11th, Card of the Day

So it appears we maybe getting two yellow level 3s for Angel Beats after all. One being Yui, and the other being Kanade. Today features the card that changes to the level 3 Kanade, but the effects of the level 3 Kanade is still unknown. Haruka, on the other hand, has a very interesting encore effect.

The yellow card is “Ordinary Girl Kanade”, 2/1, 7.5k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Dead and Student Council traits. Has a change effect; During the start of your Encore Step, if this card is in Rest position, you may pay the stated cost of 1 stock, discard 1 hand and sending this character to memory. If you do, place a “Words of Farewell Kanade” from your Waiting Room onto the original Stage position of this card.

The red card is “Heart Mark Haruka”, 1/0, 4.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Music and Sweets traits. Has an Encore effect; if this card is sent to your Waiting Room, you may pay the stated cost of 1 stock and placing two of your Stand position Music trait characters to Rest to bring the card back to your Stage in rest position. Wow, more Encore Step change helpers, anyone? You can use it’s effect to Rest your Encore Step change characters without risking them dying in combat.

August 10th, Card of the Day

Today’s cards are Stone River and the lovely school idol from Da Capo, Shirakawa Kotori. She is leagues better than the likes of Asakura Otome or Nemu, but some tend to think otherwise. *cough* Anyway, interesting effects, but nothing especially groundbreaking.

The yellow card is Stone River. He is 1/1, 6k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Bandit and Weapon traits. When you play him onto your Stage from your Hand, you may pay the stated cost of placing one card from your Hand to your Clock. If you do, Stone River gains +2.5k power, and your opponent cannot play Counters until the end of this turn. Why is it bolded? Simply because the anti-counter ability stretches across all of your characters, and not just Stone River! It’s second ability is a Hand Encore; discard one Character from your Hand to your Waiting Room to bring back this card from your Stage in Rest position when he gets sent to the Waiting Room

The green card is “Santa Kotori”; 2/2, 8.5k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Music and Magic traits. Has a startup ability; you may pay 1 stock for this card to gain +1k power until the end of your opponent’s next turn. Since it’s a startup, you are free to reuse the ability as many times as you like so long as you have the stock. Not too bad, but nothing epic.