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Deck Strategy (Lightning Deck)

While clearing up my place a bit, I realized that there were quite a bit of cards that were lying about and they were cards I never really paid attention to in the beginning. Feeling pity for them, I decided to do something about them and make a deck for them, and they are Caro and Erio which is under shined by quite a bit. And considering I love all my Nanoha series characters regardless of how small or big a role for them, I thought it would be fun to make a deck just for the Lightning team since I alreadly created one for the StarS team.

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Weiss Schwarz Wikia

Weiss Schwarz Wikia is looking for people to help fill it’s pages. We already have some  of the older titles translated but we need more people to help out with the newer series. People who do not know japanese can also help out too, check here for more details.

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Milky Holmes in Weiss Schwarz TCG – Playstyle

As we all know Milky Holmes is probably called a powerful series in Weiss Schwarz, perhaps close to broken in some impressions.

This entry is to generalize what Milky Holmes Decks are good in doing, by color, and by whole.

Baseline Description – Milky Holmes

They are a team of Detectives which comprises of four colors; Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, similar to the Weiss Schwarz 4 color codes for cards.

Which means. They do have abilities that belong to their own color.

For deeper understanding:

Red – Field Control [Stable power on your turn and opponent turns]

Blue – Defensive, Healing, Draw Power [Really strong during opponent turns, has healing potentials, usually have greater hand sizes.]

Green– Stock gain, Power Burst, Climax Synergy [Usually have cards that can grant more stock, paying stock to increase power for cards during own turn and easier to pull out climax synergy due to the “Gold Bar” Trigger]

Yellow – Offensive, Opponent Targeting, Soul Damage [Really strong during own turn, has effects that can be activated to target opponent cards or opponent himself and high soul damage output.]

While in all, Milky Holmes as a whole. 

They are the strongest series comparing with the entire Weiss Schwarz series in terms of Salvaging, like how Detectives like to dig for evidences; they do it in the TCG too. Since they can pull out cards from their own waiting room with ease, a filled waiting room is valuable to a Milky Holmes deck player. (Partly why Milky Holmes didn’t get any cards to brainstorm.)

They work as a team, strong support cards for Detectives allows Milky Holmes decks to comprise more color types than normal duo-color decks.  This increase their ability output, as the more colors you include, the effects that your cards would have has greater varieties. Effects for Milky Holmes cards are simple but benefits basic gameplay; Hand Exchange, Hand Control, Field Advantage, Stable Stock Gain, Stable Soul Output.

They do not have impressive effects, as all their effects are basic to any typical TCG. Climax synergies usually grants more power for a turn, or they could further Milky Holmes search and salvage potentials.

I guess those are all, in summary. Milky Holmes uses simple yet typical effects in typical TCGs to dominate the field and the entire game, by exchanging their hand cards with more desired ones while pulling out those cards that aren’t needed during low levels. At higher levels, pulling out those discarded cards during low level to use them as the time is ripe. Really versatile series to suit any kind of situation as most of the abilities that allow them to search and salvage doesn’t specifically target any card, it simply targets the entire waiting room of Detective cards; thus they have a big range of cards to salvage from.

Note: When i write Milky Holmes deck, i mean only Detectives, and not the Police or Thieves. 

Deck Strategy (StarS Team)

Quite a lot of people did ask me to make decks that were based on the other characters of the Nanoha series. Now let me introduce to you the STARS team. Not Special Tactics And Rescue Service from Resident Evil but the StarS Team from the Nanoha Team where the main forwards would be Subaru & Teana. Let’s go team roll out.

(Go! The Stars of StarS team)

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Deck Strategy (Vita)

Start of a new month and I decided to come back with a bang. And like the name states, I will be making a Vita deck which she is known mainly for suicide’s or just destroys things with her hammer. Let’s go HIKARI NI NARE 

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Deck Strategy(Chrono Harlaown)

As I was away on a very long hiatus for Deck making, I decided to come back with some new strategies that no one has thought of. Now as the title states out, I had made a deck with one of the lesser known characters of Nanoha and that is our admiral Chrono! People around told me that it was impossible to make decks outside the usual three main girls and here we are my readers, a proper Chrono deck which most people never thought of making.

Chrono Deck(Debuffer Deck)

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Deck Strategy (Hayate Yagami)

Was quite busy over the past few days but at least I was able to draft this out after some trial and error over this deck and playing with it for quite some time. Also, since I had been doing for the other 2 main girls, I think it is unfair for the other main girl not to be showed at all. Well here she is, Division Commander of Section Six, Yagami Hayate

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