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January 12th, Card of the Day

Lets see, today is quite a bit late in translation due to busy work for the translators. Anyways, here is the card from Nichijou and another global Nanoha buffer due to the naming convention

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January 10th, Card of the Day

And here’s the card that combos with the card featured yesterday. It’s a battling character with encore, and a soul buff ability that requires you to have another specific character present. What? They’re adding more pieces to the combo?

“Yuko Aioi”, 1/1, 6k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, has no traits.

[Automatic] When this card reverses an opponent by battle, and you have a “Mai Minakami” on your Stage, select one of your characters; it gains +1 soul until the end of this turn.
[Automatic] Encore (Discard 1 character from your hand into your Waiting Room)

A very solid battling character with good survivability thanks to the encore. Given Mai’s relationship to Yuuko, could she really be a support character, or a battler? Hmm… only Bushiroad can decide.

January 9th, Card of the Day

Bushiroad has been revving up the 1/0 cards recently… there are far too many cards that have power that can easily match the dreaded 1/1 7k power vanilla character with a little effort. The other problem is, they force you to play certain combos in your deck, while those slots could have been used for other characters or events.

“Naganohara Mio”, 1/0, 4.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Manga (Comic) trait.

[Continuous] If you control a “Yuko Aioi” on your Stage, this card gains +2k power.

An easy 6.5k just for having another character around. Not too bad.

January 6th, Card of the Day

The first set of CotDs to kickstart 2012 with! And oh boy, is the first card awesomely sickening! Though I know naming convention abuse is fairly common in WS (Rugal, anyone?), but this just boots it to an entirely new level. Check them out.

The blue card is “Cosplay Hakase”, 1/0, 3k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Science and Sweets traits.

[Continuous] All of your characters in front of this card gain +500 power.
[Startup] (2, Place the top card of your Deck into your Clock) Select one of your cards whose name contains “Nano”. Until the end of this turn, that card gains the <<Weapon>> trait and the following ability.
[Continuous]  When this card declares an attack, select one of your opponent’s Back Stage characters; that character becomes the Defending Character against this card’s Front Attack.

Said “Nano” is in hiragana. Other than the character in Nichijou, it also applies to the likes of Nanoha! Wow! You can Starlight Breaker your opponent’s backstage now! There are also several other cards whose card names contain ‘Nano’; the possibilities just keeps on growing.

The green card is “Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois”, 0/0, 500 power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Animal and Royalty traits.

[Automatic] (1) When this card is played from your Hand to Stage, you may pay the stated cost. If you do, select one of your <<Animal>> trait characters; it gains +2k power until the end of this turn.
[Automatic] (2) When this card is sent from your Stage to your Waiting Room, you may pay the stated cost, If you do, search your deck for up to 1 <<Animal>> trait character, show it your opponent, and add it to your hand.


29th December, Card of the Day

Hey all, today two new cards from Nichijou are shown! They are both Level 0, but they will be the key cards for the Level 0 band, seeing their effects.


Level 0 cost 0, 500 power without soul trigger. Has no traits.

Effects are as follows:

– [Continuous] During your turn, all other characters you control gains 500 Power.

– [Startup] [2, Put this card to Tapped] Search your deck for a 《Manga》 or 《Statue》trait Character, show it to your Opponent and add it to your Hand, then shuffle your Deck.



Level 0, cost 0 with 3500 power. Has no soul trigger. Manga trait.

With this effect:

– [Continuous] The front character facing this card gains 1 soul. [Front means, directly front. So it does not boost your own characters when placed at the Back Stage.]

December 27th,Card of the Day

Boxing day and Christmas is over but it dosent seem to be the case for Bushiroad as they keep giving the series Nichijou better and better effects.



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23th December, Card of the Day

Today cards supports the Level 3 Nano; the reason why she can come out from your Deck!



Level 2, Cost 2, 8500 Power with Soul Trigger, has Science and Sweets traits.

Her effect is as follows:

– [Automatic] [2, Discard 1 card from your hand to the Waiting Room] When you play down the Climax named「Daily Life at Shinonome Laboratory」to your Climax Zone, you may pay the cost. If you do,  search your Deck for a 「東雲 なの」  , place it on any slot on your Stage then shuffle your Deck. You can look at the previous post here regarding Nano Shinonome.


Her climax comes in two designs.


Daily Life at Shinonome Laboratory

When you place this card on the Climax Zone, choose one character you control, it gains 2000 Power and 1 Soul for this turn.


A great combo that can bring out the Level 3 Nano down at Level 2, at quite a decent cheap cost. Since it is not regarded a change but a special effect that brings her to the Stage from your Deck. Of course the main card combo is the Level 3 Nano, and it makes it easier to heal using her effect as you already have Hakase on field. So there is only Nakamoto you have to worry about! It will be a good idea to keep her climax with you, as it would be one of the best combos in this Series!