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Weiss Schwarz Wikia

Weiss Schwarz Wikia is looking for people to help fill it’s pages. We already have some  of the older titles translated but we need more people to help out with the newer series. People who do not know japanese can also help out too, check here for more details.

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June 22nd, Card of the Day



I didn’t really want to write an article for this, since it’s fairly pointless now that all the booster cards are released, but for completion’s sake, here’s the final CoTD to round up the CoTDs for the Macross Frontier cards.

“Love Rivals Ranka & Sheryl”, 1/0, 4.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Music and Love traits. If you have 6 or more stock, she gains +1.5k more power. Has hand encore; whenever she goes into the Waiting Room, you may discard a character from your hand to bring her back to Stage in rest.

July 20th, Card of the Day

The guy characters are really starting to shine in a female-biased card game series like Weiss Schwarz. Today’s card is the captain of the Macross Quarter, Jeffrey Wilder.

“Jeffrey Wilder”, 1/0, 3k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger. Has no traits. All of your other characters with “Pilot” trait gain +500 power. When this card is played onto your Stage, you may pay 2 stock. If you do, return one Character from your Waiting Room to your hand. Not too shabby, and for an uncommon, it’s an easily splashable pilot support card in any Pilot deck.

July 19th, Card of the Day

Hey guys, guess how strong is the Triangular Alto the previous card of the day changes to! Good lord, it is becoming the next Milky Holmes with a lot less lolis and a lot more singing, aliens and variable fighters.

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July 15th, Card of the Day

So it appears MF will not just be singing girls and vanilla mechas after all.

“The End of Triangular Alto”, 2/1, 7k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Pilot and Mecha traits. Has an experience effect; if the cards in your level area are level 3 or higher, he gains 1k power. His second ability is a  Change effect that occurs at the beginning of your Encore step; pay 2 and send this card to the Waiting Room to place a “Triangular Relationship Alto” from your Waiting Room to this card’s original position on the Stage.

This climax that was featured along with Alto has no relevance in terms of effect; it so happened that the full name of this climax, “Sayonara no Tsubasa”, when paired together with “The End of Triangle”, forms the full name of a track used in the fifth Macross Frontier movie, which is also named “Sayonara no Tsubasa” (Wings of Goodbye). This climax is a +1k 1 soul to all characters with a Gate trigger; if triggered, you may return one Character from your Waiting Room to your hand.

July 14th, Card of the Day



Today’s card is Mikael. Nothing special, again, until we see the Klan Klang he is able to BOND out of the Waiting Room.

0/0, 500 power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Pilot and Glasses traits. All “Sleeping In Grief Klan” characters on your Stage gain +1k power. Second ability pulls said “Sleeping In Grief Klan” from your Waiting Room at the cost of 1 stock when he’s played on your Stage.

July 13th, Card of the Day


Brera Sterne is today’s card of the day. He was an important plot character in Macross Frontier, and his card ability somewhat matches his role during the story.

“Brera Sterne”, 0/0, 2.5k, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Pilot and Reconstructed traits. When any of your characters with “Sheryl” or “Ranka” in it’s name gets Front Attacked, you may pay the cost of sending this card into your Waiting Room. If you do, choose one of your battling characters and give it +1k power. Not too bad, considering it does not need to be at a specific location on your Stage. Allows you to keep your Sheryl or Rankas alive early on, and to act as a semi-backup during the late game.