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Weiss Schwarz Wikia

Weiss Schwarz Wikia is looking for people to help fill it’s pages. We already have some  of the older titles translated but we need more people to help out with the newer series. People who do not know japanese can also help out too, check here for more details.

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April 1st, Card of the Day

First of, Happy April Fools Day to all of our readers! Thankfully, the cards that are showcased on the main website aren’t jokes at all. Or are they…? Today, they are bringing us not one, not two, but three cards of the day! Shall we take a look?

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31st March – Card of the Day

After a card from Shana & Macross, it’s back to Katanagatari!
This time round it’s Sabi Hakuhei!


Card Effect: 【Startup】BRAINSTORM (1) Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck, and put it to to your waiting room. For each climax revealed this way, for that turn, this card gains 1k power and 1 soul.


At 1/1 6500 power, it’s a pretty good card to have for a soul rush deck and handy for milling purposes. Brainstorm only comes in 1 cost which makes it a really cheap effect to use.

28th March – Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day is from Katanagatari again.
It’s Konayuki and it looks cuter than Princess Hitei IMO. Lol….

Card Effects: When this card is played from your hand to the field, check the top card from your deck. If the top card is not of the trait  <Weapon>, this card gains the following ability for that turn. [【Continuous】 This card cannot front attack.] (Revealed top card is flipped back down.)

Personally, this card is pretty strong @ 2/2 9.5k power. The negative effect is also not too bad as you can still side attack with it if your top card does not have the <Weapon> trait. Looks like a <Weapon> deck will be in place for those who wants to play Konayuki in their deck…

25th March – Card of the Day

Another one from Katanagatari. It’s a Friday release of the card of the day (COTD), but that’s most likely because there’s been no release earlier this Monday. It’s a climax synergy pair for the character Princess Hitei again this time.

Character Card Effect:

– [Automatic] [Discard the climax <Princess Hitei’s Conspiracies> from hand to the waiting room] When this card is put from the Stage to the Waiting Room, you may pay the cost. If you do so, choose 1 [“Strong at Denial” Princess Hitei] (unrevealed) from your Waiting Room and put it in any Border you wish in Rest position.

Do take note that the climax <“Princess Hitei’s Conspiracies>  is the one shown below.

Climax Effect:

All characters gain 1k power + 1 soul.
Trigger: 1 soul + Bounce Effect

And what do you know, <“Strong at Denial” Princess Hitei> is actually the card of the day from yesterday. Surely these 3 cards will be used quite commonly for any user who wants to make a Princess Hitei deck in the future.

24th March – Card of the Day

Okay, today we have one from Katanagatari. A pretty good or maybe weird effect it seems. But might have good combos….

Card Effects:

– This card gains +1000 power per every Marker it has.

– [3] When this card is put to {Reverse} during Battle Step, you can choose to pay the cost. If you do, put the top card of your Deck under this card as a Marker. This card goes into {Rest} position.

18th March – Card of the Day

Okay, now we have a level 3 from Katanagatari. Long effects though. With climax combo too.

Card Effects:

– When this card is placed on the Stage from your hand, choose a 《Weapon》 characteristic Character Card from your Waiting Room, and add it to your hand.

– [4] When this card attack, and the Climax Card (as shown beside the character card)「対決 七実対七花」 is in the Climax Area, you may pay the cost to send all your opponent’s Level 2 and below Characters in the Center Stage to their Waiting Room.

– Before your draw phase, send the top card of your Stock to the Waiting Room, if you do so, during this turn, this cards get Power +2500.

Climax Effect:

– Place the top card of your Deck on your Stock Area. During this turn, all your Characters gets Soul +1.

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