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Upcoming Release Schedule for Bushiroad

Happened to chance upon this thanks to the good guys over at Australia. I’ll go through this very quickly while you contemplate on how much money is being thrown down the bin for this.

Zero no Tsukaima:  Trial Deck – April 14th, Extra Packs – May 12th
Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Trial Deck – April 14th, Booster Pack – June 30th
Da Capo III: Booster Pack – May 25th
Fate/Zero: Booster Pack – July 28th
Robotics;Notes: Trial Deck – August 25th
Accel World: Trial Deck – August 25th
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2: Trial Deck – August 25th.

Wow, wallet killing lineup galore. Good job, Bushiroad. And bring in K-ON! next time.


6th April, Card of the Day

Firstly, Happy Good Friday~

Today Bushiroad gave us a Shu, together with his Climax. Although the cardlist is already out, let’s complete the CotDs for this series.

Looking up the Sky, Shu

Level 2, Cost 1, 9000 Power, 2 Soul with Soul Trigger.

Effects are:

[Automatic] When this card attacks, send the top card of your Stock to your Waiting Room

[Automatic] When this card attacks with the Climax Card as shown below in this Post, put the top card of your Stock to your Hand and this card’s Power increases by 2000 for this turn.

Well by just looking at the both effects, be it a demerit or a Climax Combo, it seems that your Stock gonna run low. I believe this Shu is meant for thinning your Stock, converting into Field Advantage and Hand Advantage.  Seeing that Green is usually a Stock Boosting color, it might not be so bad. But nevertheless, this card has a great 9000 Power to bolster up your Field, and has a Power Burst effect using its Climax Synergy (which is a gold bar)  that will come in handy when you have to burst through some thick walls.

And here’s his Climax.

A Making of a King

Climax, with a Gold Bar Trigger.

[Continuous] All cards you control gains 1k Power and 1 Soul for this turn.

Gold Bar: When you trigger this card during your Trigger Step, add it to your Hand and you may choose to add the top card of your Deck to your Stock.

April 5th, Card of the Day.

Wow it seems that tomorrow there will be a Good Friday! Happy Easter Day in advance!

Today, although late in posting. Bushiroad had revealed two cards, from Guilty Crown and Zero no Tsukaima respectively.

Shinomiya Ayase

Level 3, Cost 2, 10000 Power, has 2 souls and a soul trigger.

With these following effects:

[Continuous] Opponent cards that are directly in front of this card gets -1 soul.

[Automatic] [ Pay 1 Stock and discard one card from your Hand to your Waiting Room] At the start of your Climax Phase, you may choose to pay the cost. If you do, select a character card in your Opponent Stage, put it to Stand position and move it to an empty border.   Then, this card gains 1000 Power for this turn.

[Effect as been per corrected due to an error in effect read. The effect above is the corrected one.] 

Not a shabby effect. She could kill off any irritating backrow characters as long his Front Stage is not fully occupied. On the other hand, she could also send away irritating characters with the [Bodyguard] ability away from the Center Stage, to the Back Stage or other Front Stage borders. Sadly, she can’t heal your clock damage in anyway, but seeing that it can be searched out by a card which was revealed much earlier. It is an easy Level 3 to obtain in Hand.

Saito’s Exclusive Maid, Siesta

Level 1, Cost 1, 6500 Power, has 1 soul has no soul trigger.

With this effect:

[Automatic] When you send Climaxes into your Waiting Room via your [Brainstorm] effect.  For this turn, this card gains 2000 Power.

This card syncs right into the play style of Zero no Tsukaima, with successful Brainstorms, this card could reach even 10000 or higher Power.

To add on, Guilty Crown cardlist is out over at Weiss Schwarz’s official page. Till the next CotD~

April 3rd, Card of the Day

The third of the four level 3s in the Guilty Crown boosters are revealed today, and it’s none other than Gai. Well, he’s not that strong for a level 3, and there’s very little reason to use him in a deck given the fact he cannot heal damage on play, but he is the first level 3 Shift ever to be released, IIRC, so the poor guy deserves a little bit of credit.

Tsutsugami Gai, 3/2, 10k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Funeral Parlor and Weapon traits. Has Clock Icon.

[Automatic] When this card declares an attack with the climax [Embrace of Reunion] in your Climax Area, this card gains +2k power, and the following ability until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
“[Continuous] The card in front of this card loses -1 soul.”
[Automatic] When this card becomes Front Attacked, look at the top card of your Deck, and either place it on the top of your deck or into your Waiting Room.
[Automatic] Shift Level 3

Whispering Henrietta and Saito, 0/0, 2.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Magic and Familiar traits.

[Continuous] When you have 2 stock or less, this card gains +1 level, and +1k power.

April 2nd, Card of the Day

So, how were you pranked during April Fools’ day yesterday? Thankfully it’s already over, and the cards that are featured today are far from being a joke. Check out the 2nd Symphogear card to be introduced into the set, Hibiki, and… hmm, Shu’s older sister. Whoops, big blunder there.

Ouma  Mana, 1/0, 4k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, no traits. Has Clock icon.

[Continuous] During your own turns, this card gains +2k power.
[Automatic] Shift Level 1

Easily Swayed Type Hibiki, 2/1, 8k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Music trait.

[Continuous] If you control another level 3 or higher character, this card gains +1k power.

March 29th, Card of the Day

A couple of beautiful ladies are featured today! Introducing Rise in her level 3 form, and our all-time favorite in Guilty Crown, Hare! Their abilities are almost as gorgeous as their artwork.

Wavering Feelings Rise, 3/2, 9.5k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Music and Magic traits.

[Continuous] When you choose to play this card from your Hand, you may select one “New Ally Rise” you control and send it to the Waiting Room. In that case, the cost to play this card becomes 0.
[Continuous] If you have 5 or more stock, this card gains +1k power.
[Automtic] When this card is played from your Hand to your Stage, you may place the top card of your Clock to your Waiting Room.

Captivating Beach Hare, 1/0, 500 power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Swimsuit trait.

[Continuous] All of your other characters gain +500 power.
[Automatic] During the start of your Main Phase, look at the top card of your Deck, and send it to the top or the bottom of your Deck.

March 27th, Card of the Day

Here we go, for you Tsugumi fans out there. She is the level buffer card of the Guilty Crown series, and oh boy, what’s with all the decktop control effects as of late? And as for Kanji, his ability allows you to save two stock in exchange for an extra hand to play him, and considering he belongs to Red, it won’t be that difficult to pay this alternate cost.

Investigation Team Kanji, 2/2, 8k power, 2 soul, soul trigger, Delinquent and Magic traits.

[Continuous] When you wish to play this card from your Hand, you may send a “Huge Shock! Kanji” you control into your Waiting Room. In that case, this card can be played with 0 cost.
[Startup] (Place two of your characters into Rest) This card gains +2k power until the end of turn.

Operator Tsugumi, 2/1, 4.5k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Funeral Parlor and Operator traits.

[Continuous] Assist Your characters in front of this card gains power +X, where X is the level of that character multiplied by 500.
[Automatic] This ability can be activated up to 2 times per turn. When you play other <<Funeral Parlor>> characters onto your Stage from your Hand, look at the top card of your deck, and place it at the top or bottom of your Deck.