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Weiss Schwarz Wikia

Weiss Schwarz Wikia is looking for people to help fill it’s pages. We already have some  of the older titles translated but we need more people to help out with the newer series. People who do not know japanese can also help out too, check here for more details.

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New Persona Game not only RPG as expected

Besides Persona 4 having an anime, there are 3 more news that will rock you off your chair! Firstly, as the screenshot shows, Atlus is going to be joining up with Arc System Works to create a 2D fighting game based on the persona series! Arc System Works are well known for their Guilty Gears series and the recent BlazBlue series. The title of the game would be “Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena”(Tentative).

The second big news is of course to PSVita port of Persona 4. With PSVita(JP) releasing the end of this year and PSVita(NA) releasing start of the next year, it’s no wonder games are porting over to that console. Those who have not played Persona 3 Portable can rest assured that all PSP PSN/downloadable games are compatible with the PSVita or as heard by Sony.

Lastly PERSONA 5 Nuff said ^^v

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Mimori Suzuko – Appearance at Gamehub Games Show @ Malaysia!

Might be late news, but why not, after all she is part of the Milky Holmes team.

Malaysian Weiss Schwarz players! I guess you guys are all in luck!  Our dear Suzuko Mimori will be appearing at the Show at Malaysia today! Mimori is part of the Milky Holmes’ seiyuus, which consists of  Tokui Sora, Sasaki Mikoi and Izumi Kitta. Mimori takes the role of Sherlock Sherlliford who is the proclaimed leader of the Milky Holmes Detective team!

But this time, other than only signing for Sherlock cards, she also signs for Fuuka cards! She voices Fuuka in Disgaea 4 for the PS3 as well! Not just that but, she would be performing a song during that event as well! I believe it is
グッデイ・エブリデイ which in English means, Good Day Everyday.  I have not heard the full version of that song but I’m pretty sure it’s a great song!  To add on, not only cards can be signed by her, any media that is related to her can be signed by her! So what are you waiting for!? Spend a 100RM during the event at Bushiroad’s booth and get a chance to have her sign on your beloved items that you want her to sign on!

Other than Mimori’s appearance, they will be a tournament for Weiss Schwarz and also for Cardfight! Vanguard. Prizes are really amazing as well! Both tournaments are walk-in registration, so start going earlier to get your slots in the tournament before it gets filled up!
Lastly, for those players who have some silver or gold bags with you, it’s time to exchange for some limited edition items from the Bushiroad booth as well! These items are once again first come first serve, so do come early to exchange for the rarer items in case they got looted by someone else!

With this, I wish those players going to this event good luck during the tournaments if you guys are joining and have fun even if you are not! Once again, Mimori! I’m sure the other three detectives are rooting from you in Japan! Go go Milky!

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May 27th, Card of the Day

The cards continue to get more interesting day by day. Disgaea 4 looks like it’s going to be one of the top series once it gets released! Check this out, it’s Fuuka from Persona 3 Disgaea 4!

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May 26th, Card of the Day

Hailing from Disgaea 4, Phantom Thief Angel Vulcano Altina graces you as the card of the day for Weiss Schwarz today!

1/0, 5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Angel and Phantom Thief traits. When she comes to play, you may put two of your characters in Stand to Rest. If you do so, you may choose one of your characters, including Altina, and give it this following ability: “If this character reverses an opponent’s character via combat, you may place one card from the top of your Deck to your Stock.” A decent card for a level 1, and even more so when it’s free and at a healthy 5000 power. This allows you to build up  stock for the usually stock-heavy green cards in the early game.

May 25th, Card of the Day

Check it out, it’s the blue level 3 card for Disgaea 4! Featuring the “Ultimate Weapon”, Desco. These cards are getting more and more powerful day by day.

3/2, 9.5k power, soul trigger, 2 soul, Demon and Clone traits. This card gains bonus power of 500 multiplied by the level of card in front of it. When this card is played onto your Stage from your Hand or via a Change effect, you may place one card from the top of your Clock to your Waiting Room.

If this card is played from your Hand to your Stage, place one of your cards in Stand position to Rest. A fairly minor demerit for such a good card. Up against a level 3 character, this card is a 11k beast on it’s own not counting it’s own supports. This card also counters level marker character cards really easily, for the stronger it’s opponent, the stronger this card gets!

May 24th, Card of the Day

Today’s card of the day features Fenrich from Disgaea 4, a loyal servant of Valvatorez.

0/0, 2.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Demon and Animal traits. His ability: if you only have one other character on your Stage, all of your other characters gain +1.5k power. For a common card, this is a pretty darn good beatstick to have. Having two of these Fenrichs on your Stage means they’ll power each other up, making them both 4k.