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Everyday’s useless Detectives ; Milky Holmes

This article is purely towards Milky Holmes and its current pool of cards.


Series – Tantei Opera Milky Holmes [MK]
Expansions – MK1 TD + MK1 Booster, Bandits Extra Pack, Police Extra Pack, MK TD (New Art), MK2 TD + MK2 Booster (TBA)

Coverage – All 4 colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)

Distribution (Towards related Anime/Game series) – Detectives [All 4 colors], Bandits [Blue and Yellow] and Police [Red and Green]

Playstyle – Back Stage advancement, Experience enabled effects, Draw Phase change effects.

Highest Potential – Salvaging

Weakest Potential – Strictly trait based. Powerful effects are trait based, thus hardly allow mixing of different sides.
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Level 1 Characters! 5500 or 7000? Which works better for my deck?

This entry is to reinforce certain points done in an old post dated like months ago. Sorry but finally it’s up!

In this post, we stated about Level 2 cards and some pointers related to them. While this one is to further compare about Level 1 cards, espeically between the free costers and 1 costers.

General Background

Level 1 is a bridging Level from Level 0, with Characters that can be played down without paying any stock like Level 0 characters but with higher power and perhaps some decent good Climax Synergy.

However, it comes to a debate whether Level 1 0 costers are enough or Level 1 1 costers are better. By having just a difference of 1500 power between a vanilla 1 coster and a 0 coster. Furthermore, a mere 2000 Power & 1 Soul climax could easily push a 0 coster to a 1 coster power, so what is recommanded really?

Again, it depends on play style and deck build. To provide some further information, there are 2 costers for Level 1s too!

General Comparion (from 1 costers’ POV)

Power is a raw number that is used to determine Field Advantage, towards this difference of 1500 Power between Level 1/0 Costers and Level 1/1 Costers.

As mentioned above, a mere 2000, 1 soul climax could easily break the barrier, so what makes the 7000 power so special?

Firstly, being of a higher based power at Level 1 could be a good merit point. However do exercise prevention cautions whenever possible. Examples like Level 1 counters, Encore grant effects.

Secondly, it allows stock to be used. Certainly, as most players do not wish their climaxes to be in the stock, things do not always go well. Thus, if you did trigger any climax during your Level 0 period, Level 1/1 costers are a great way to send them into where they should belong, the Waiting Room.

Thirdly, important key cards. There are surely key cards which have important effects to aid in the entire gameflow, and thus, they have the top priority, if not, to be used at the correct time to get ready for the main deck combo. Important characters who can change, important supports, important climax synergies. The few examples listed before, are some of the reasons why you run them.

Lastly, Soul trigger. Level1/1 costers can be allowed to hold a soul trigger. Although it costs them a 1000 power demerit, but perhaps that extra soul might mean victory when you really need that extra punch.

General Comparion (from 0 costers’ POV)

Level 1/0 costers have decent power to their ancestor Level 0 cards and is a good way to start gaining stock for your later game. However, since they are free to play down onto the Stage, of course they have to be weaker in terms of advantage. Below are some tips on how to maximise the use of them.

Firstly, backrow support. 0 costers do have an average of 1500 power difference, when it comes to comparison to the 1 costers. To be able to bring them up to the power that 1 costers have, backrow support is super important. Since their support effects could increase power from 500 and onwards, probably to 1000 at that level, your 0 costers can manage to reach 1 costers’ power, and thus having the chance to reverse them in battle.

Secondly, Encore support. Although it’s present in 1 costers as well, but it works differently for 0 costers. 1 costers have encore so that they can save their stock count. And thus enabling stable gain and field advantage at the same time. For 0 costers, encore effects are usually for repeated climax synergy usage, or to discard a late game Character to maintain a character on Stage, so you can have one more attack during your next turn.

Thirdly, Climax usage. Climax usage for 0 costers are very helpful. Like +2 souls, 2000 and +1 soul, 1000 and 1 soul. For example, putting a 2 soul climax allows your characters to perform “Side” attacks, while doing damage to the opponent clock, and at the same time, keeping your characters alive. 

Lastly, Soul output between 1 costers and 0 costers are the same. Both of them does 1 soul damage. So in all, its just the difference in Power. So for soul gain/rush decks, 0 costers might be a more reliable option, as they are pretty much recyclable.

Additional – 2 Costers, the weird rare few

The rare ones from the Level 1 family, they can have higher power than those I mentioned above, but the special thing about them is, they can have 2 soul damage!

Having a higher soul damage output at Level 1 seems to be a good idea if you wish to increase the game pace. But beware of yellow themed decks and also Level 1 suicides!

With all, this is a general guideline to Level 1s, can be said to be one of the most important part of the game, as its where Stage Advantage is the most important!

Special Labeled Effects Database

I will catagorise them into types of activation. [Act, Continuous, Automatic]

起】集中 –  As known as brainstorm. Usually send cards from your top deck up to a certain amount. Does effects depending on how many specific cards that are sent into the Waiting Room this way. Specifc cards ranges from Character with specific traits to Climax Cards.

【起】助太刀 –  As known as counter cards or Backup.  They are the rare few effects that can be activated on opponent’s turn. Characters with that “Counter” icon cannot use their counter effects during their own turns. “Counter” icon characters can only use their counter effects upon having Character that is currently being “Frontal Attack”. Events with “Counter” icon can use their effects during their main phase as well.

【自】アラーム – As known as Alarm. Their Alarm effect activates when they are at the top of your Clock Area.

【自】アンコール – As known as Encore. There are a lot of types of Encore. But no matter what it is, Encore is an effect given to ALL characters. Encore can only be used when a character is sent from the Stage to the Waiting Room. There is an Encore Phase to activate Encore effects as well. During the Encore Phase, both players can activate Encore effects at any time, as long it’s still in Encore Phase.

【自】絆 – As known as Bond. Bond abilities only get activated when a Character capable of using Bond is played onto the Stage from Hand. Bond targets a specific card by Name, where you can return that Character from your Waiting Room to your Hand; its similar to Salvage, but for only a specific card.

【自】チェンジ – As known as Change. Change effects allows characters to change form at these 3 Phases of a turn. Climax Phase, Encore Phase, and Draw Phase where Climax the quickest, and Draw the slowest Change.  Change effects do not require the specific color on your Level/Clock areas, does not require your Level to be of the Character that is changed out.

【自】 シフト レベル0/1/2/3 – As known as Shift. The Level indicator is the Level you must be at or greater to use the Shift effect. Shift effects can only be used after your Clock Phase and at the Beginning of your Main Phase. Shift allows you to switch your Shift Card at clock, with another card of the same Color.

【自】 加速 –  As known as Accelerate. This effect can only be used once during your Climax Phase. [More to come as Accel World reveals more of its Booster Cards]

【永】アラーム – As known as Alarm. Alarm comes in two forms of activation. That’s why its classified at both Continuous and Automatic. [Automatic] Alarm effects will only activate once due to a fulfillment of requirement. [Continous] Alarm effects activates throughout the game as long requirements are fulfilled.

【永】応援 – As known as Support. Support effects are only presented at the Back Stage. There are similar effects but are not labeled as Support as they are Global Supports (Supports that do still offer their supportive effects even at the Front Stage.)

【永】大活躍 – As known as Bodyguard. Bodyguard characters can help your other cards by taking all the attacks as long it’s in the Center Stage. As Bodyguard is concerned, no opponent character can declare a “Side Attack” against a Bodyguard, and they also must attack the Bodyguard whenever possible.

【永】記憶 – As known as Recollection/Memory. Recollection effects activates when you have a certain amount of a specific card in your Memory Zone. Some just requires cards in your Memory Zone.

【永】経験 –  As known as Experience. Experience effects activates when your Level Area has a total Level lower or equal than the Experience effect. Some requires specific cards instead.

Let’s use Change effects!

This is a special article done up for Change effects specifically. It serves to guide the new players and experienced players alike. So shall we begin?
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Special Character Counters with Additional Effects.

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Counters and counters!

It has been pretty a long time after I posted an article about Weiss Schwarz and game play wise related.

But due to a request from a reader, he asked for an article about Counters. So here I’m back! Hello~

As stated above, this article would go into the depth of counters, inclusive of their usage, their usefulness, and any considerations to take when adding them to any deck you intend to make.
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A Deeper Insight into Level 2 Character Cards – Let’s Compare!

Another weekend comes again, this brings for another little guide!
All right, starting out, this guide is meant for the slightly more advanced players, although new players could use this little guidance to craft out future deck builds.

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