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Aquarion Set 2 and OG set 5 preview cards

With the upcoming release of Aquarion Set 2 and OG set 5 this coming May and June receptively,  there are some preview cards that can be seen on the official site and here we have fully translated along with the preview picture as well.

Aquarion Set 2

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Aquarion Set 1 and Bones Set 3 teaser

Hey guys, for those out there playing Crusades, you guys should know what is the newest series which is coming out at the end of March. Quite late for the translations of Teaser Cards, but real sorry due to real life catching up with our translator team which caused the delay. Anyways here are the cards for the Teasers


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CRUSADE System – Sunrise Set 14 *Teaser w/ translation* –

First off sorry for the long delay in the Crusade updates, we had some minor issues that had to be settle. Well now, with the advent of Sunrise Crusade Set 14, here’s the list of spoiler cards which have been revealed so far. With Zegapain seemingly reaching the epic conclusion of it series, i wonder what will the next Sunrise expansion bring? And before I forget, give a big welcome for the new series making its big debut: The Big O!

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CRUSADE System – Super Robot Taisen Booster Set 4 – Toki Hanatareshi Shinsei *TEASER 3*

Dear gods, CARDDAS had been hard on us lately; they’ve released YET AGAIN new preview cards, and this time they aren’t stop at four like the previous time, but went with eight instead. By the heavens I can feel myself dying inside whilst waiting for the booster release. But I digress, here are the translations for the cards.

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CRUSADE System – Super Robot Taisen Booster Set 4 – Toki Hanatareshi Shinsei *TEASER 2*

Hello everyone, it’s only been a few days since CARDDAS posted previews of the cards from the booster box, and they’ve updated it with for more new cards! If you’ve seen the previous post, you would have noticed that one of the cards have been updated with the full stats now (Or two cards, rather, but they’ve changed Flickerei Geist’s art). Anyway, onto the cards.

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CRUSADE System – Super Robot Taisen Booster Set 4 – Toki Hanatareshi Shinsei *TEASER*

Good day everyone, we’ve been pushing out several crusade related articles lately. Here’s a new addition to those articles – on the 30th last month, CARDDAS released the information for the upcoming expansion booster for OG Crusade, and surprise surprise, they’re using it to promote Banpresto’s upcoming “The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation” for the PS3 platform, by releasing cards such as Joshua and his custom machine Aile Chevalier which will debut in the game as well. But I digress, onto the released cards.

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