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Crusade Rule Book translated

After a long awaited wait, this is the rulebook that has taken a lot of effort and time from the members. It has taken a long time of 6 months but it is finally worth the wait. The rulebook is a direct translation of the japanese rulebook found on the official site itself. However, it is updated to the latest ruling with Saint and Backup cards, as the rules change, we ourselves will change the rule book as well to fit the times, if there is any issues with the rulebook, please let us know or comment below so that we would be able to do something about it.

[Disclaimer: This rulebook is a project with the Singapore Crusade community, any use for it other than using it to improve on oneself for the game of Crusades is strictly not allowed.]

Subsequent tutorials regarding Crusades will still be carried out as the rulebook can get rather confusing after a while

Crusade Rulebook1.1


New Crusades Series confirmed

Now for a update for the upcoming series for Crusades in the upcoming months by Cardass.

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Crusade System Tutorial (Part 4)

Now guys, we start by going through the different phases of the game and the basic rules of the game.

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Aquarion Set 2 and OG set 5 preview cards

With the upcoming release of Aquarion Set 2 and OG set 5 this coming May and June receptively,  there are some preview cards that can be seen on the official site and here we have fully translated along with the preview picture as well.

Aquarion Set 2

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Aquarion Set 1 and Bones Set 3 teaser

Hey guys, for those out there playing Crusades, you guys should know what is the newest series which is coming out at the end of March. Quite late for the translations of Teaser Cards, but real sorry due to real life catching up with our translator team which caused the delay. Anyways here are the cards for the Teasers


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CRUSADE System – Sunrise Set 14 *Teaser w/ translation* –

First off sorry for the long delay in the Crusade updates, we had some minor issues that had to be settle. Well now, with the advent of Sunrise Crusade Set 14, here’s the list of spoiler cards which have been revealed so far. With Zegapain seemingly reaching the epic conclusion of it series, i wonder what will the next Sunrise expansion bring? And before I forget, give a big welcome for the new series making its big debut: The Big O!

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CRUSADE System – Super Robot Taisen Booster Set 4 – Toki Hanatareshi Shinsei *TEASER 3*

Dear gods, CARDDAS had been hard on us lately; they’ve released YET AGAIN new preview cards, and this time they aren’t stop at four like the previous time, but went with eight instead. By the heavens I can feel myself dying inside whilst waiting for the booster release. But I digress, here are the translations for the cards.

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