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October 7th, Card of the Day

You Nanoha players never expected the day Vivio will become some really good card, right? Well never fear, for her time is here. Introducing Vivio and her equally hot friend, Einhart.

The top card is “Strike Arts” Vivio, 0/0, 2.5k power, 1 soul, no soul trigger, Magic and Oddeye traits. During the start of your opponent’s attack phase, you may move this card to one of your slots where there isn’t a character already present and will result in this card facing an opponent’s character.

The bottom card is “Haou Ryu (Tyrant Style)” Einhart, 2/1, 2.5k power, 1 soul, soul trigger, Magic and Oddeye traits. It’s a Backup card; when your characters get Front Attacked, you may pay 1 stock and drop this card from your hand to your Waiting Room to give that character an additional +3k power until the end of this turn.


AFA 2011 I Love Anisong Artistes Confirmed!

All right, all you ladies and gentlemen who are planning to go for Anisong this year, the lineup for this year’s Anisong has finally been confirmed! The event will span across three days – November 11th to the 13th, and each day will feature a star-studded lineup of singers ready to ROCK YOUR SOUL! Who are they? Read on!
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