November 10th, Card of the Day


Red Character   “Yume no Tobira” Sakurauchi Riko
Level : 2 Cost: 1 Soul: 1 Power: 7000
Trigger: 1 Soul  Traits: Music
Card Effect [CONT] If you only control <<Music>> Characters, this card gains +2000 Power.
[AUTO] When the Climax named, “Reaching Out Hands” is played on the Climax Zone, and this card is in the Front Stage. You may select up to one Character which Cost is 0 or lower in your Waiting Room and play it on any Border on your Stage. For this turn, that card gains +2000 Power.


Red Event  Honest Words
Level: 1 Cost:1
Card Effect  Select one <<Music>> Character from your Waiting Room, add it to your Hand.
You may discard one card from your Hand to your Waiting Room. If you do, select one Character you control, the selected Character gains +4000 Power this turn.


Red Climax  Reaching Out Hands
Trigger: 2 Souls
Card Effect  [CONT] All of your Characters gains +2 Soul.
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