September 21th, Card of the Day

Gratitude for Concern
Red Event, Level: 1, Cost: 1, Trigger: Nil

Select up to one <<Kizna>> Character card from your Waiting Room, add it to your Hand. Then select one opponent Character whose Cost is 0 or lower, send it to the Waiting Room.

Chest Pain, Tenga
Yellow Character, Level: 1, Cost: 0, Power: 4000, Soul: 1, Trigger: Nil
Traits: <<Kizna>> and <<Glasses>>

[CONT] This card gains +500 Power per every other <<Kizna>> Character on your Stage.

[AUTO] When this card Reverses its Opponent in Battle and the Climax named, “To Love or To be Loved” is on your Climax Zone. Look up to the top two cards from your Deck, select up to two Level 1 or higher cards among those cards and show it to your Opponent, add them to your Hand and place the remaining cards to your Waiting Room. (Climaxes are considered as Level 0)


Scratch of Kizna
Red Event, Level: 3, Cost: 2, Trigger: Nil

[BACKUP] All of your Opponent Characters have their Soul -1 for this Turn.


To Love or To be Loved
Yellow Climax, Trigger: 1 Soul and Return

[CONT] All of your Characters gains +1000 Power and +1 Soul.
(Return: When this card is triggered, select up to one Opponent Character, return that selected Character to the Opponent’s Hand.)


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