31th August, Card of the Day


Matsunoki Elementary, Utai
Red Character, Level: 1, Cost: 0, Power: 5000, Soul: 1, Trigger: None
Traits: <<Net>> and <<Animal>>

[AUTO] When this card is played from your Hand to the Stage, for this Turn only, this card gains Power + X. X is the number of <<Avatar>> or <<Net>> Characters multiplied with 500.


Cool Appearance, Pado
Red Character, Level: 1, Cost: 1, Power: 5500, Soul: 1, Trigger: None
Traits: <<Net>> and <<Maid>>

[CONT] If you have 3 or more other <<Avatar>> or <<Net>> Characters, this card gains +2000 Power.

[AUTO] When this card Reverses its opponent during Battle, and you have 3 or less stock, you may put that Character to your opponent’s Top Deck.


Armed Command, Scarlet Rain
Red Character, Level: 2, Cost: 1, Power: 7000, Soul: 1, Trigger: 1 Soul
Traits: <<Avatar>> and <<Weapon>>

[AUTO] When this card Reverses its Opponent during Battle, and the Climax Card named, “Heat Blast Saturation” is in your Climax Area, you may deal 1 damage to your Opponent. (Damage cancellation takes place normally)

[AUTO] When this card is placed to Reversed and its battling Opponent card’s Level is higher than your Opponent’s Level, you may place that Character card to Reversed.


Heat Blast Saturation
Red Climax, Trigger: 2 Soul

[AUTO] When this card is played onto the Climax Area, choose up to one Red card from your Waiting Room, and send it to your Stock. During this turn, all of your Characters gains +1 Soul.

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