Weiss Schwarz Banlist Updates (Late 2015, Active 8/31/2015 Onwards)

It’s that time of the year again, where Bushiroad pulls some crazy stunts and changes the metagame. However, the new restrictions and releases are a far cry from most may expect.

Forbidden means no copies of it are allowed in a deck.
Limited to X means only X copies of it are allowed in a deck,
Choice from X means only one of these in the group may exist in a deck.


Series: Haruhi

Forbidden Cards

SY/W08-071 Colourless World

No Longer On List

トラブルガール ハルヒ

SY/W08-T08 / SY/W08-069 Troubled Girl Haruhi

SY/WE09-24 Summer Festival Nagato

Series: Toaru Index / Railgun

Limited to 2

RG/W13-052 Under One Roof, Mikoto & Kuroko

No Longer On List


ID/W10-084 “Heaven Canceller”


RG/W10-031 “Multi-Skill” Kiyama

Series: Rewrite

All restrictions are released for this series, namingly:


RW/W15-079 “A Destiny Like Fallen Petals” Sakuya
RW/W20-041 In The Bath, Akane
RW/W20-047 Under The Bright Blue Sky, Chihaya

Series: Nisekoi

The pure Marika-only deck is now no longer valid. All previous restrictions apply obviously (3/2 Marika to 1, choice of 0/0 pendant salvager Raku, all of the pendants and Nurse in White, Kosaki).


All restrictions are released for this series, namingly:


IM/S07-051 Honest And Positive, Haruka
IM/S07-090 Poor At Directions, Azusa
IM/S21-062 Ancient Capital, Takane

About time they released these silly restrictions on these cards.

Series: Disgaea

Limited To 1

DG/S02-T17, DG/S02-061 Ultimate Demon Lord, Laharl

No Longer On List


DG/S02-T16, DG/S02-060 “Beauty Baron” Mid-Boss
DG/S02-051 Laharl and Mao
DG/S02-054 Former Angel, Flonne

And that’s it for the new banlist updates. Anything not listed here still applies as per normal. There were no changes to Standard banlist.

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