July 21th, Card of the Day


Bubbles Interview, Sakurai Akane
Yellow Character, Level: 2, Cost: 1, Power: 7500, Soul: 1, 1 Soul Trigger
Traits: <<Girl>>, <<Swimsuit>>

[CONT] When you have two or more other Characters with the trait, <<Girl>> on your Stage, this card gains +1000 Power.

[AUTO] (1) When the Climax card named, “Shampoo” is placed onto the Climax Zone and this card is at the Center Stage, you may pay the stated cost. If you do, during this turn, all of your Characters gain the following ability, [AUTO] When your battling opponent is placed to “Reverse“, you may draw one card.]


Yellow Climax, 1 Soul Trigger and 1 Shot Trigger.

[CONT] All of your Characters gains +1000 Power and +1 Soul.

{Shot} When this card is triggered during your character’s attack and the damage is cancelled, you can deal 1 damage to your Opponent.


Cold Smiling Ranger, Ette
Yellow Character, Level: 0, Cost: 0, Power: 2500, Soul: 1, No soul trigger

Traits: <<Weapon>>, <<Dragon>>

[CONT] When you control one or less card other than this card, this card gains +1500 Power.

[CONT] When this card is on the Stage, this card is also named, [Marion]


Joachim Rubens
Blue Character, Level: 0, Cost: 0, Power: 1500, Soul: 1, No soul trigger

Traits: <<Science>>, <<Magic>>

[CONT] All other Characters gains +500 Power

[ACT] [(1) Put one other Character from your Stage to the Waiting Room, put this card into ‘Rest‘] Draw one card, and select one other Character you control. During this turn, it gains <<Dragon>>


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