September 26th, Card of the Day


M9000 Type Avatar, Kirito
Blue Character, Level: 1, Cost: 0, Power: 4500, Soul: 1, Trigger: None
Traits: <<Avatar>> and <<Weapon>>.

[CONT] When you have three or more other <<Avatar>> or <<Net>> characters, this card gains +1000 Power.
[AUTO] Encore (Discard 1 character from your Hand to your Waiting Room)


Longing For Tsukasa, Manabu
Blue Character, Level: 0, Cost: 0, Power: 1000, Soul: 1, Trigger: None
Traits: <<Glasses>> and <<Gigant>>.

[CONT] All of your other <<Gigant>> characters gain +500 Power.
[ACT] Brainstorm (2, Place this card to Rest) Overturn the top 4 cards of your Deck and place them to your Waiting Room. For every Climax amongst those cards, choose up to one Climax from your Waiting Room, and return it to your Hand.

TL NOTE: The following is a troll card released by Bushiroad, as a sort of ‘page hijack’ advertising the upcoming Terraformars show. Clicking it brings you to the Terraformars page.


Yellow Character, Level: 5, Cost: 0, Power: Unknown, Soul: 4, Trigger: 1 Soul
Traits: <<Bug>> and <<Muscle>>.

[AUTO] (1, Click this card) When this card is revealed, you may pay the stated cost. If you do, visit the “Terraformars’ website, and wait until the TV anime starts airing.

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