February 3rd, Card of the Day


Enchanter, Shiroe
Blue Character, Level: 3, Cost: 2, Power: 10000, Soul: 2, Trigger: 1 Soul
Traits: <<Magic>> and <<Glasses>>.

[CONT] When you have 5 or more cards in your Hand, this card gains +1500 Power, and the following ability.
“[CONT] During this card’s Battle, your opponent cannot play any Backup abilities from his Hand.”
[AUTO] When this card is Front Attacked, look at the top card of your Deck, and you may either leave it there or place it into your Waiting Room.


“Super” Dimwitted Natural Girl, Mako
Red Character, Level: 1, Cost: 1, Power: 7000, Soul: 1, Trigger: None.
Traits: <<Family>>.

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