December 2nd, Card of the Day


“Striking Spear – Gungnir” Hibiki
Yellow Character, Level: 3, Cost: 2, Power: 10000, Soul: 2, Trigger: 1 Soul
Traits: <<Music>>.

[CONT] When you have three or more other <<Music>> characters on your Stage, this card gains +1000 Power.
[CONT] This card cannot be selected as a target for your opponent’s effects.
[AUTO] This ability can only be activated once per turn. During the turn this card is played onto your Stage from your Hand or via the effect of “Gungnir”, when the damage this card deals is cancelled, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent. (Apply damage cancellation as per normal.)


Entrusted Song, Hibiki
Yellow Character, Level: 0, Cost: 0, Power: 1500, Soul: 1, Trigger: None
Traits: <<Music>>.

[AUTO] (1) When this card is played from your Hand to your Stage, you may pay the stated cost. If you do, choose 1 “Gungnir” from your Waiting Room, and return it to your Hand.


Yellow Event, Level: 2, Cost: 1, Trigger: None.

You may choose one of your Level 2 and above Characters with “Hibiki” in it’s name, and place it into your Clock. If you do, choose one “‘Striking Spear – Gungnir’ Hibiki” from your Waiting Room, play it onto any Border on your Stage, and your opponent cannot activate any “[AUTO] Encore” abilities until the end of this turn. (This applies to the [AUTO] Encore (3) in the rulings as well.) Place this card into your Memory.

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