November 28th, Card of the Day


Power of The Moon, Luna
Green Character, Level: 3, Cost: 2, Power: 9500, Soul: 2, Trigger: 1 Soul
Traits: <<Tarot>> and <<Moon>>.

[CONT] All of your other <<Tarot>> characters gain “[AUTO] Encore (Discard 1 character from your Hand to your Waiting Room)”.
[AUTO] When this card is played onto your Stage from your Hand or via the [AUTO] effect of “New Member, Luna”, look at up to X cards from the top of your Deck, choose up to 1 card amongst them, and add it to your Hand. Discard any remaining card(s) into your Waiting Room. X is the number of <<Tarot>> characters you control.


Midsummer Test of Courage
Blue Event, Level: 2, Cost: 1, Trigger: None.

Search your Deck for up to 1 Climax card, show it to your opponent and add it to your Hand. Then Shuffle your Deck. Choose one of your characters; it gains +2000 Power until the end of this turn.

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