Let’s use Change effects!

This is a special article done up for Change effects specifically. It serves to guide the new players and experienced players alike. So shall we begin?

Change and it’s what does it do.

Change effects are used to allow your Characters to switch into their Superior forms!

In a game of Weiss Schwarz, it may mean for a Character to change into from it’s current card level to change into the next level, some could also jump two levels up!
Does that sound amazing? Having a stronger character that is not playable currently on your Stage, to dominate your opponent’s Stage?

Of course it does! However, Change effects usually cost quite a bit of resources to execute. Change effects do also have specific timings on when they can be activated. Below lies a short list with basic explanations.

Start of Climax Phase
– Usually the most costly of all, as it’s the fastest change. However, change effects that requires specific climax cards usually reduces the cost by a large amount.

Start of Encore Phase
– Decently costly, but much lesser than the above. As you are paying less resources, you do face more challenges to complete the change effect.

Encore Step change effects usually require your Character to be in Tapped position (during the Start of Encore Phase itself), which means if your character does a “frontal” attack with an opponent character, but if you are reversed due to difference in Power, you fail the change effect prerequisite. You may consider a “side” attack, but you would do lesser soul damage and you won’t be able to reverse any opponent characters this way.

Note: Doing an Encore for a reversed character does not allow your character to fulfill the prerequisite to change. Your character must be in Tapped position during the Beginning of your Encore Phase.

Start of Draw Phase
– Slowest of all Change effects, as you have to wait till your next turn to perform the Change effect, but at the same time, costs the least resources to activate.

Change effects that requires specific Event cards

These change effects requires an event to be played to call upon a Change effect, usually targeted specifically for a Character. This effect is shown mostly in Symphogear. The events are shown below.


Change effects that requires specific Climax cards

They are special effects, that usually brings about a more powerful change based effect. Those effects could bring out a stronger character, or bring out more than one character(s) onto the Stage.  Usually they are referred to as Climax Synergy, but nevertheless, they are quite closely linked to Change effects. Below are some examples.


Battle Phase Change effects

It’s a very special change based effect that activates during Battle.  These effects allow characters to be swapped with another during Battle or before Battle itself. Power comparison might not take place and therefore there might not be any battle for certain cases. Below are some examples.


Note: Power comparison will not take place once a Character has successfully declared ( “Frontal” or “Side” attack towards a Character card but due to certain effects, the former Character in that Battle has been switched to another Character or is not occupying the same Border.
Note 2: Successfully Declared specifically means that the type of Attack is declared and trigger check has been completed.


Change effects and how it affects gameplay
Change effects usually requires your deck build to cater to its requirements. For example, to run a Change pair (Original and the Change target). The original might not be a very powerful character to be on the field which makes it much desired to change out its superior version as soon as you can to prevent Stage hogging of weaker character cards.

This would also force your deck to go into a Quick Change build, which have supportive cards to assist in Change effects.
After deck build, it’s deck play style. As said at the beginning, Change effects usually require decent amount of resources to complete. These heavy requirements and costs usually force the player to play their cards more wisely, so as not to misuse any resources (Hand, Stock, or even Climax cards)

That’s the basics of Change towards Deck build and play style, players would have to investigate into how their Change effects would improve in their own specific deck or series!
Change effects and towards the main game

Apart from gaining control of the Stage due to an early played down character having greater power than your current Level, Change effects could do much more in the main game.

Firstly, Soul Damage. Change effects that could bring out a 2 Soul character could accelerate the Soul damage done to the opponent. Thus being able to do more clock damage in the long run and with a stronger character on Stage, it is possible to say that you would have better Field Advantage.

Secondly, Memory Zone. Some Change effects causes the original character to be sent to the Memory Zone, this adds up the amount of cards in Memory Zone, allowing for Memory Zone required effects. It does also thin your total deck count thus it encourages more damage cancels. However, the side effect of this is that the Change effect could only be used once, thus you cannot loop the Change effect unless you do have effects which sends characters out of Memory Zone.

Lastly, Suicide effects prevention. Suicide effects could easily terminate any character of any Power, as long it fits the Suicide criteria. Since your character that is played via Change effects are higher leveled than your current Level, it would have better protection from Level Suicides.

Guidelines and useful tips to run Change effects efficiently

Building on the above pointers made, here is a list of things one think through while using or playing Change Effects. They are sorted to categories.

Power/Field Advantage

– Do have lower level counters to protect your precious characters that have been changed out. Even a 1/0 1500 power counter means a lot!

– Try to predict opponent’s damage taking rate. Try to keep your opponent at a lower level rather than pushing him to a higher level, granting him stronger characters to defeat your character that had been just changed out.

Efficiency of Change

– Change effects usually requires a target either in Deck, Waiting Room or Hand. Try to maintain those cards in their desired areas to assist the Change process.

– Effects that allow exchange of Hand cards via Salvage or Search would be a good idea to get ready Change effects.

– Try to keep climaxes in hand if they are used for important Change effects in your deck build. But be sure to clear them off once it’s too late into the game to be played as a Climax Synergy!

Increase potential of Change effects

– Do not use too much Change effects in a deck, unless they are all easy to accomplish!

– Do try to work out combos within your deck build, not just to assist the Change process, but also after that.

– Change effects ignores normal play rules, such as Color Restrictions, Level Restrictions. Try to abuse that very special fact about Change effects!

– Level Supports are good to support your changed Level 3 characters easily, similarly, try managing with more Colors in a Change based deck for a higher deck overall power.

– Do know about your current situation and access when are you doing a Change effect, they are risky at times, and might cause a big disadvantage to you if you fall into an opponent trap!

– Lastly, it’s always good to predict what would the opponent do in response to your Change effects.

With this little sharing regarding Change effects, I shall sign off again~
Till I think of something else =x
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