Yugioh! Meta-Combo #1: Wind-Up Loop

Hi guys, since a large percentage of Weiss Schwarz Players who did the poll also played Yugioh, i’ve decided to periodically post meta combo for the benefit of people lagging behind in the latest Yugioh Trend. First up, i would like to introduce the Wind-Up Loop!

One of the many meta card combination appearing in many tournaments recently, the Wind-Up Loop Hand Control is a fearsome combo reminiscence of the banned Trishula. If played correctly, you will be able to remove three or more cards from your opponents hand. When you are able to pull it off during your first turn, your opponent will effectively start the game with only 2 cards in hand plus one more from his first draw. Unless he is playing Machina Fortress or cards of similar effect, they will be severely handicapped. The explanation will be split into three parts; Ignition, Loop, Result.

First up will be the Ignition. The Ignition of this strategy will usually involves cards that will build up to a resultant state whereby you have a Zenmaity with two overlay units on the Field and two in Extra Deck, a Hunter in the Graveyard or on the field and at least two Rats in Deck.

Since all cards starts from the Deck, it is an almost guarantee that after set up you will have at least two Rats in Deck and two Zenmaity in Extra Deck, with the exception of people who are super unlucky or incompetent. Next up is the Hunter, with cards like Foolish Burial and Armageddon Knight, and the ability to run up to three of each cards in Deck, sending Hunter into the Graveyard is not very hard. Lastly will be the most difficult out of the set ups, which is still relatively easy compared to the other card combos, that is to have a Zenmaity on the Field.

To Xyz summon Zenmaity, you need two cards of Level 3 on the field to use as material. One of the easiest way is to have Marauding Captain and another Level 3 monsters in hand. By summoning Marauding Captain and using it’s own effect, you can special summon another Level 3 monster onto the field thus fulfilling the requirement of Xyz summoning Zenmaity. If you have a Foolish Burial on Hand, you have just succeeded in setting up the combo in one turn. Alternatively if you are using Armageddon Knight instead and do not have a spare normal summon, you can opt to use Level 3 monster cards that special summons itself like Gilasaurus, Spell Striker and T.G. Warwolf. There are of course many other ways of doing this, involving cards like other Wind-up cards, Inzectors and Geargia.

Sidenote: You can actually combo the Wind-Up Loop Hand Control with the Inzector Field Control for massive ownage

Next is the execution of the Loop itself. By using Zenmaity’s effect you can detatch a Xyz material once per turn to special summon a monster with Wind-Up in it’s name onto the field. In this case the obvious choice would be Wind-Up Rat in attack position. After which you use the effect of Rat to special summon Hunter if it is not on the field already. Followed by activating Hunter’s ability and releasing the already useless Zenmaity to discard a card from your opponent’s hand. Overlay Hunter and Rat to get another Zenmaity, followed by repeating the above step twice and you will finish the loop. Take note to remove the Hunter for Zenmaity’s effect and not Rat.

Your ending resultant scenario will roughly consist of one Rat and one Hunter on the field left. You can finish up the combo by overlaying the Rat and Hunter to get a Rank 3 Xyz monster, preferably Zenmaines which will help you tide over the next few turn with it’s own effect. If you run Pot of Avarice, you can repeat the whole combo again to effectively remove up to six cards in total.

Now that you know how strong this combo is, you might want to know of it’s weaknesses. The choke point of this combo is by preventing your enemy from having a Zenmaity with effect on the field in the first place. Cards like Solemn Warning and Effect Veiler will be able to stop the combo before it starts by removing the effect of Zenmaity or removing Zenmaity itself from the field. In conclusion, users of this combo should consider investing in protection cards to protect your Zenmaity, while other players should side-deck Veilers.

  • Note to Yugioh players: If you wish to see your combo featured here or ask about any other combos you can do so publicly by commenting or privately by emailing us at outakuya@hotmail.com.
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