New releases for Weiss Schwarz and Upcoming Banlist changes.

It’s the Year of 2012, and Bushiroad had announced some new series during their Strategy Conference for this Spring.

There are Victory Spark, Vanguard and Chaos too, but since this blog is purely meant for Weiss Schwarz, we would do the others if there are requests for it. Or if we can spare some time.

With that, let’s disclose the new series that will be coming out for Weiss Schwarz.

In contrary to the the few last releases, these releases aren’t expected as they are not from popular sources, but it would be a great thing to let “not so” popular series enter the fight between anime characters in the Weiss Schwarz Stage.

Starting with, Accel World.

Accel World is a Novel and Manga. There’s an anime adaptation during April 2012.

Sword Art Online, also a Novel and Manga. An anime adaptation is planned for July 2012.

Following with the few new release dates to note for.


Trial Deck – 14th of April

The newly announced series do not have any other release information yet.

After all these new releases, let’s head to the upcoming banlist. If anyone would expect what would get banned, it would be quite simply predicted by just looking up at the WGP Deck Lists, Neo Standard or Standard. This card is being played everywhere in any deck possible. Now, let’s head into the details.

New entry to the Banlist. Cordelia Garden from the Booster Pack of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

【スタンダード構築】 制限はありません。
【サイド限定構築】 制限はありません。
【ネオスタンダード構築】 デッキに入れることができません。
【タイトル限定構築】 デッキに入れることができません。

Translated from above.

「Cordelia’s Garden」(MK/S11-096)
【Standard Deck】 No restrictions。
【Side Deck】 No restrictions。
【Neo-standard Deck】 Restricted in Deck。
【Series Deck】 Restricted in Deck。

Series decks meant, Series title cups and related.

For those who don’t know the effect of this event yet, here you go. 

Level 3, cost 2 event. Blue color.

Send the top two cards of your Clock to the Waiting Room, then select one character you control, that character gains 3000 Power for this turn.

This card belongs to the overwhelming Milky Holmes decks, as how they did dominate WGP 2011. No Milky Holmes decks made it to the Top 3, but lots of similar deck builds revolving around this Event, went into the Finalists. Similarly to the Standard Tournament during WGP 2011, lots of Standard Decks placed Cordelia Garden as a healing source to their Decks, boasting recovery power during Level 3.

For Non-Milky Holmes players, here’s an explanation how much does Cordelia Garden helps in their Detective/ Bandits beatdown Decks.

We shall start with the Detectives first; Cordelia Garden was the one of the cards that were spotted really useful for the Detective Meta beatdown. Reason being, Milky Holmes’ Detectives have the ability to remain on the Stage with minimum stock usage. With their Stage set up  at Level 1, they could easily obtain a entire Front Stage of 7000 power with Hand Encore, and that is with 0 stock used. Together with counters as support during Opponent turns, they could easily hit 8500 , if not using the newer counter revealed in the Police(G4) Extra Pack, a 9500 with hand encore. By using this stable Front Stage beat, they could drag the game to even Level 3, before their Level 3 Characters come down to whack Havoc.

Additionally to that, both Level 3 Cordelia and Level 3 Elly, could be changed out from a Back Stage change ability card at Level 2, with Elly usually the one more focused on. Together with 6 Experience in their Level Area, Level 3 Elly hits 11500 Power at Level 2. With that power and 3000 Power counters, it might be almost impossible to take her down unless the Opponent commits more than usual, adding two more Level Supports behind will simply bump Elly to 14500 Power, being an really oversized Level 3.  By having this Stage done up, that’s when Cordelia Garden comes into the game.

Cordelia Garden serves as a great combo to Level 3 Elly, for it can, provide the Level of Experience that Elly needs to hit 6 Experience (since Cordelia Garden is already a Level 3 Event), the best card to top draw from your Deck, and a card where most players will keep and store for their Level 3. By activating this card, not like the healing of 2 cards from Clock isn’t good enough, it further boosts the Level 3 Elly by 3000 Power. Thus creating a Power Beat down via Healing.

Not forgetting that Level 3 Elly is changed out, bringing to more reanimated Ellys that will keep changing out as long the change ability is at backrow. And once she comes out via change or normal play, 1 card from Clock flies to Waiting Room, this is the flow of Milky Holmes Detective Beat at Level 3, it’s an almost an infinite loop of healing effects, change revivals.

For Bandit Beatdown, this card might not seem so powerful as most of the cards inside don’t really need high amounts of Experience. But just bearing the fact that Level 3 Arsene, could be played on the Stage since Level 2 as long you control 4 or more Bandits. Furthermore with a Climax Synergy that could heal 1 Clock to Waiting Room, this beatdown could start healing massively before it reaches Level 3.  Slightly faster as Detective Beatdown as they require change effects to bring them out, and with the amazing counter of 2.5k Power during Level 1; the Level 3 Arsenes, won’t drop down so easily.

Even after their healing sprees at Level 2, opponents should not bring down their guard yet. Arriving at Level 3, opens the event Cordelia Garden. Its blue color, which it is totally in sync with Arsene’s color. At the same time where Climax Synergies are still being played and all, the opponent have to whack just enough soul so as to not cause a cancel. Because with Arsene’s climax synergy, with a single play of Cordelia Garden, the player could easily heal 5 cards from his Clock to his Waiting Room, and of course that is no fun. Together with their Search event, which somehow has a counter symbol, denies top decking effects, bring it really hard to pierce through an “un-cancellable” damage.

Thus this ban is done up, even though it is Bushiroad’s flagship series. But as sick and broken it can be, measures have to be done so as to make this game a more pleasant and fair one. As said way up in this post, Cordelia Garden has been a card of choice in numerous Neo-Standard and Standard Decks, would they ban it for Standard Decks for the months to come? That no one knows, but for the summary of it, Bandit decks have lost their Healing event, and Detectives, which may not get affected so much due to their big card pool. Things will change for the upcoming big tournaments.

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