Fate/Zero Episode 9 Review

Now, after a very intense battle between from both the Masters and the Servants, this episode isnt really as climatic as the previous one but it has it charms.

For this episode, it was showcasing mainly the teams of Lancer and Rider. On one end of the show, it showed betrayal, grief, redemption and lastly desperate love. While on the other end of the show, victory, hope, fury and weakness.

For team Lancer, we can see a certain Kayneth being on the brink of grief where he had close to lost to everything he knows, his pride, honour and his skills as a magus. Even worst for him when he learnt that his own fiancee would do anything to get the last remaining 2 Command Seals from Kayneth just to get Lancer’s support. Lancer on the other hand would like to seek redemption for the acts he had done as a soldier, where he was supposed to be safeguarding the interests of his lord and his country instead of having betrayed his lord by making Grainne fall in love with him. Lancer would want to seek a way to fix the mistakes which he had committed as a soldier and do it by serving his current master Kayneth. However, well, with a untrusting master and a woman who is entranced by his good looks, it looks like Lancer is going for a second round of his life story again but this time maybe worst.

For Rider’s team, this time they could have considered themselves having a victory of their own when they have managed to storm through Caster’s workshop and brought about the end of Caster’s sick deeds. This time for Waver, he has grown up a bit regarding his terms of his character. In the beginning of the war, he decided that no matter what the consequences or how terrible the results of the war would be, he would take it all and accept it as it is. However, the deeds of Caster were beyond his expectations and he showed weakness in that time he was there that he had much to learn as a person and much more as a magus. Thus later the anger towards himself when he knew that he was nothing more than a child that knows almost nothing about real battle even though he had went for a few. We will see more of him growing up as a magus as the story progresses further and we will see how he takes his first step to becoming the next headmaster of the tower.

Trivia Time

As I wouldnt want to bore you guys of reading the same old stuff of me explaining how good Ufotable is with Rider’s carriage or the expressions of the Characters, I will just jump in straight to the nifty gritty details of the show that wasnt really explained.

When a Master and a Servant made a contract with each other to fight together in the war, both parties will share certain things between themselves sometimes. In most cases would be the dreams and experiences of the Servant to the Master or the Master to the Servant. In the case between Kayneth and Lancer, he is getting the past memories of Lancer which he experiences in a dream, this is the connection which you can share with the Servant to actually find out more of the past of the person fighting alongside with you. In the Fate/Stay Night story, Emiya Shirou and Tohasaka Rin has the same experiences as well with their Servants, however this time, they also had experienced the grief and regret that their Servants had felt during the time when they had a physical body. This could also work the same way in the reverse as well for the Servant to actually receive the dreams of the Master itself. Though the frequency of getting the dreams is totally random but there is a pattern that when the Master is physically exhausted, the chances of them getting memories of their Servants are very high.

For the healing of Maiya, it isnt the simple as what people percive it to be. As the damage that Maiya had gotten from Kirei was very severe (imagine broken bones combine with damaged organs), Irisveal was doing extensive healing which in our standard is the same as doing a very complicated surgery. In the case for Maiya, as her organs were damaged to almost no recovery, they had to be replaced through magical means which was equivalent to organ transplant in modern medicine. The healing magecraft of the Einzberns is adapted from alchemy and instead of allowing the body to regenerate the body parts, it makes the body create new tissue and use that for grafting and replacing the dead ones. This has a very severe burden to the wounded and even more so if the person isnt a homunculus where the body parts were artificial and could be easily fixed unlike normal humans.

The investigation done by Waver is something as he says is very simple even for magus to do. When finding out the whereabouts of other enemy magus, there are many methods one can use to find the wereabouts of the magus through the traces of magecraft which the magus can leave behind. Like the four elements, wind, water, fire and earth, you could use different methods which uses this elements to help you with the job. For Waver, finding out through the water element was the easiest method and he was very lucky in finding it out almost instantly. Finding magus through water requires the user to find them collecting of different samples of the water point for traces of magic. In magus terms, water is known as something which flows from a higher place to a lower place, and with any trace of magic, it will flow downstream towards the end of the water point. Compared to the methods of calcualtion of the wind’s direction or reading the earth’s pulse, water is really the simplest method of them all.

Though Caster didnt have a appearance here, I will be talking a little regarding his class and actions in this review. Waver had mentioned along the line of territory defence and this is actually one of the skills that a Caster class servant would have. Territory creation is something that the Caster class would have as it allows the servant to choose a place and make it something like his base. In the case of the Caster in Fate/Zero, instead of putting barriers or magical traps for Servants, he only puts up creatures as guards against his enemies. If he had done so, it wouldnt have been that easy for Rider to trash his workshop that easily. In the Fate/Stay Night verse, the caster had control of the Ryudo Temple where it was fortified by barriers along with traps and a guard as well. This was actually the proper way of territory creation for the Caster class.

For those people who are wondering what did Waver saw at the end of the tunnel, I will reveal it here now. For those who knows the combo between Caster and Ryunosuke, they are a deadly combo which likes to experiment with human lives and do what they deem fit to them as well. What was there was a workshop for item creation, however the materials this time was the body parts of the humans. In the novel, the scene was depicted as a workshop which was full of day to day items like furniture,clothes and instruments. These items were created in the view of Caster and Ryunosuke as a work of “art” and each single carcass was used into making the items. Even with some of the remains that were still “alive”, they were far off worst than death and saving them was impossible and it would be kinder to give them death.

Lastly, for those people who are wondering why does Saber has quite a difficult time with this Caster when her anti magic skill is A and she had no trouble fighting with the Caster class in the Fate/Stay Night route. Well, the Caster this time summons out creatures from a different dimension which in a way dosent use magic based attacks to attack Saber. As it summons out the creatures to attack Saber, they have a physical form and since it isnt a body created from mana, Saber’s anti magic skill is useless in this fight. However, anything else like Grander shots or magical bullets, Saber would have an edge over the Caster class.

Well thats it from me and next time we get to see a little more into the story of (SPOILER) the Matou’s and a little of chibi Rin and we will see the end of Volume 4.

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