CRUSADE System – Super Robot Taisen Booster Set 4 – Toki Hanatareshi Shinsei *TEASER*

Good day everyone, we’ve been pushing out several crusade related articles lately. Here’s a new addition to those articles – on the 30th last month, CARDDAS released the information for the upcoming expansion booster for OG Crusade, and surprise surprise, they’re using it to promote Banpresto’s upcoming “The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation” for the PS3 platform, by releasing cards such as Joshua and his custom machine Aile Chevalier which will debut in the game as well. But I digress, onto the released cards.


(From left to right)



Ace(1), Battle Assign, Boost

Constant(Auto B): When this card is played onto the field, place a customize coin on this card.

Battle Phase <②>: Remove 1 customize coin from this card and if done so, destroy 1 enemy unit clashing with this card.

PT, ATX, Custom Machine [Arado Balanga], M Size


  • I find this card fairly amusing. You thought you’ll be getting a free customize coin as soon as you play it down, giving you the customize bonus, but wait! There’s no customize bonus for Wildwruger! Instead, it’s used to destroy a clashing opponent unit. This card definitely generates mixed feelings for it. Think about it – you’re paying 3 resource cost to blow up an enemy unit; exactly the same amount of resources cost you need to pay to customize a unit in OG crusade normally. So it feels like you’re customizing the Wildwurger to blow up a clashing opponent once. Well, I wouldn’t say this card is useless, since I’m certain there’ll be ways to play this card amongst the rest of the other cards in the upcoming booster (Such as the Wildwurger & Wildfalken combi unit later near the end of the article)



Ace(1), Battle Assign, High Speed Battle <②> Customize[0/1/1]

Constant(AutoB): When this card is played onto the field, look at the top 5 cards of your deck. From there, choose a unit that has [Wild] in its name, reveal it to the opponent and add it to your hand, shuffle your deck afterwards

PT, ATX, Custom Machine [Seolla Schweitzer], M Size


  • Hmmm, allows you to search for [Wild] units from the top 5 cards of your deck. One would think you can make deck centered around [Wild] now after seeing this, except that’s not feasible at the moment. Considering there’s two [Wild] parts in black/blue (The above two cards) and three [Wild] parts in red/green (Wildschwein, Wildraubtier, R1 & Wildraubtier), this means you would need to mix the two together, which means coming up with a balanced build to maintain the deck, due to the multiple colors involved. Besides, Wildraubtier is banned in series and cross format, which means the only other way to use it is in singles tourney. Although, if you were to play three Wildwurger in your deck, you may be able to pull it out and play it down as a boost unit, which isn’t pretty half bad to be frank. Still, considering the cheaper customize resource cost of two, the Wildfalken is still at the moment, just an okay card (Until the Wurger-Falken combi unit near the end of the article’s traits/texts/stats are released, at least)




[(Attack Step)(<2.2>①): When this card is in your G zone, remove 1 of your coins. If so, set this card onto 1 of your units as a character.]

Male, Child, Psycodriver, Concentrate


  • Wow, another card that jumps out from the G zone onto a unit, except this card is A LOT more versatile compared to Gilliam and Senpuuji Maito, since you can use it’s effects on both players turn, as long as you meet the requirement of <2.2>. Like Gilliam, it’s an offensive card that jumps out from your G zone onto a unit for extra modifiers on units, only that this card’s effect is during the attack step as compared to Gilliam’s Assign phase. And just like Maito, it can also be used as a defensive card that jumps out onto a unit to defend against enemy units during your opponent’s attack step. The problem with this card is that it’s health modifier is personally on the weaker side, when you look at Gilliam and Maito’s +2 modifier. Also, Gilliam is able to jump back into the G zone once more during your next turn’s assign phase, clearing up the unit for you to play another character. I guess this is the price to play for offensive versatility.


Twin Bird Strike

(Damage Calculation Step): Destroy 1 Enemy unit clashing with either 1 of your units with the “Combi” trait, or 1 of your squads with 2 or more units.

Drive(Damage Calculation Step): If one of your units with the “Combi” trait, or 2 or more of your units sortie to attack, destroy 1 enmy unit.

Destroy, Spirit command

  • I can’t tell you how much I love this card. Since we have no idea how strong  the Wurger-Falken combi unit near the bottom of the article is, let’s assume they don’t exist and turn to our existing combi unit “Alteisen & Weissritter”. Imagine sending it out to attack with a character that has the spirit command “Spirits” on your field somewhere (E.g. Sanger Zonvolt), and if your opponent is unable to get rid of alt&weiss somehow, you can simply blow up one of their units at damage calculation step. Yes, the first effect states that it must be a clashing unit, but the second one simply said one unit, which means you can blow up a unit in your opponent’s assign area, such as a battleship or a unit that’s rolled away and can’t defend. Even without the second effect, on it’s own it’s still a pretty good and fairly cheap alternative destruction command compared to Enticing Amethyst or Red Shoulders, as long as you have more than 2 units in your battle squad when you enter the damage calculation step. Best of all, it’s only an uncommon! Definitely worth putting three of this if you’re playing combi heavy.



Aile Chevalier 

Ace(2), Battle Assign, <③> Customize[1/1/2]

Permanent(Auto A): If you have 2 or less cards in your hand, this card gains Swift Strike and High Speed Battle.

(Defense Step)<0>: If you have less than 3 cards in your hand, when this card sorties to attack or is clashing, draw a card.

Custom Machine [Joshua Radcliffe], M size


  • Honestly, I would’ve have preferred Ganador, because I absolutely want to see Forte Gigas in both Crusade AND the 2nd OG, but I digress. This card really targets to red’s weakness – hand size, but it also controls your hand size to some extend. In order to make it strong, you must have two of less cards on your hand. Which is quite an oxymoron effect when you look at it’s second one – draw one card when you attack or defend (essentially, when this card enters the battle area) when you have three cards on your hand or less. So if you have two, you end up having three, thus not fulfilling the 1st effect’s requirements. Let’s just hope the card you drew isn’t a dead hand, unless you combine with the custom pilot’s effect, which will be explained later in the article.


Blanche Neige

Ace(1), Quick

Permanent(Auto A): If you have an even number amount of cards in your hand this card gains Swift Strike, +3/+2/+1

Permanent(Auto A): If you hav an odd number amount of cards in your hand this card gains High Speed Battle, +2/+1/+3

Custom Machine [Cliana Rimskaya], M size


  • Now this card is really interesting. Depending on the number of cards you have on your hand, the card will gain different abilities. Yet this card is prone to red’s weakness that is hand size. If the players have no cards on their hand at all, you don’t get either effect, which would be a troubling situation. Also, I find this card strangely ironically complementing Aile Chevalier’s effect, unless Joshua (Below) is custom set onto Aile, in which case, would be perfectly fine.



Joshua Radcliffe

(Defense Step)<①>: If this card is clashing, discard 1 card from your hand, if so, either reduce the clashing enemy battle strength by 2, or add 2 to this card’s squad’s battle strength. At the end of the turn, the card that was scraped into the junkyard by this effect is returned to your hand.

Male, Child, Concentrate


  • Now see, remember Aile’s effect? When you have more than two cards on your hand you don’t get to activate the first effect of Aile. But hey, if you have 3 cards on your hand, Joshua would just throw one into the junkyard to activate Aile’s ability, then take back the card later after the engagement is over. Pretty neat complementary ability right here.


Spirit Possesion

(Own Turn): At the end of turn, draw until you have 2 cards in hand.

Drive(Own Turn): <[3.4]> Draw until you have 6 cards in hand. At the end of turn, discard all cards in your hand.

Reinforcment, Spirit Command

  • Alright, this card works really well with Joshua and Blanche Neige. Now see, it let’s you draw two cards at the end of the turn. Meh, not too bad, one extra hand size. But the 2nd effect, if used with a “Spirits” spirit command character, it let’s you draw six cards immediately, gaining five extra hand. Now, you use Joshua’s effect to mill one card away to gain +2 battle strength to your squad, or -2 battle strength to your enemy’s squad that’s clashing with your squad. And due to your hand size, Blanche Neige get’s either one of its effects, and furthermore, you have cards on your hand to give your enemy a hard time (unless you have really bad draw luck). The only down side is you have to discard all your hand at the end of the turn. But wait! Remember you milled one card with Joshua’s effect? You get it back into your hand! So ultimately, your Blanche Neige still has one of its abilities activated. I’m really impressed with how these red cards work so well with each other.

Really, seeing all these, it makes the wait for the booster even more unbearable than it already is. And as if these teasers aren’t enough, several more cards were revealed through magazines (albeit the cards were all blanked of any text and stats). Here are pictures of the cards below:

Mr. Morishita Naochika has once again blessed the crusade community another awesome art for a card.

Currently blanked, let’s hope it’s effect would help Wildwurger and Wildfalken’s effect become better.

Seolla and Cliana, both well stacked heroines from the OG universe.

I’m guessing these are the metal parallel versions of the cards. Can’t wait to get my copies of them.

Wow, another combi unit! This time between Valsione and Cybuster. I sincerely hope this card is strong, because their single unit counterparts are terrific.

We also have Cerberus, from Super Robot Taisen MX. Quite a popular unit, let’s hope it gets something nice.

Aha! The Flickerei Geist that’s slated to debut in The 2nd SRW OG!

Looking cool with the revolving stake here, I wonder what other cool stuff this card will get.

Having bought close to a carton boosters of Set 4, I sincerely can’t wait to see what other cards are there that’s going to make OG even stronger.


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