Fate Extra Gameplay

Finally, I’ve gotten Fate/Extra USA and the time to play it. So i’ll be posting about the game and some of my thoughts. (Warning may contain Spoilers, click at your own risk.)

The first and most important point for a dub hater like me would be whether the game has retained the Japanese voices. The answer is “Yes”. Although not all the text are voiced and most of them are generic tracks a la Valkyrie Chronicles 2, being able to hear the original Japanese voice and their emotion/expression meant alot to me. So i say Kudos to you Aksys for retaining the Japanese Tracks.

Secondly of course is the casting of the voices themselves. Although i do not mind if the characters are cast-ed by inexperienced newbies, the voice actors they chose did not disappoint me. On one hand, we have the original Fate/Stay Night cast for characters based in the original Fate Timeline (Rin, Playable Archer etc). On the other hand the new characters are voiced by awesome voice actors too, namely Saito Chiwa as Playable Caster, Romi Park as Leonard B.Harway, Kobayashi Yu as Lanrukun. And on the other side of the equation is of course Melty Blood’s Red Arcuied and Kara no Kyoukai’s Ryougi Shiki, voiced by Yuzuki Ryoka and Sakamoto Maaya respectively.

Continuing to the game itself, after starting the game, you get to play as a generic dark haired student. Which surprises me as he looks nothing like the main character in the artworks and the gender choice not available. Well after reading to this point i’m sure game-savvy individuals would already expect him to be a decoy-protag. Moving on, the story starts of in a light-hearted Type Moon sort of way with Taiga being the klutz she is, until when Leonard and Rin comes into the picture and the fabricated situation crumbled, ending in the decoy-protag dying.

Next we are brought to the servent selection scene, being the Saber fan i am, i chose Saber (Saber is second to only Rin!!!!) expecting to hear Kawasumi Ayako’s voice, but heard Cardcaptor Sakura’s voice speaking in a kingly manner. This intrigued me to continue as this Saber is no where close to the other Sabers (Which of course consist of only Arturia). What humility Original Saber has has been entirely replaced with haughtiness not unlike Gilgamesh. Even though she is proud, the New Saber recognize the player character as her master and is willing to help. The moeness i felt from her is different from the Original but she is still adorable nonetheless.

After choosing your Servent you get to restart the story in a different POV, this time the true protagonist. You will be required to enter your name, surname, nickname and gender by a NPC. From there you re-live the experience until the final dungeon where the decoy died. This time you will go through a tutorial of sort with your mannikin to the much needed experience which will allow you to survive later on.

The tutorial covers the basic of battles which is similar to tactical scissors paper stone, where you pick 6 actions in a row and pit it against the opponent’s 6 actions:

When you reach the end, with the correct choices, you get to fight the enemy mannikin with your shiny and newly summoned servant.

After defeating the boss rather easily, a certain priest will narrate to you about the New Holy Grail War and that there are 128 participants where they will fight each other and the remaining one will get the grail. (Binary experts will notice the nice number, which is actually 2^7 and also means you have to fight at least 7 other masters) The scene then switch back to your school and informs you that you have to fight a master at the end of each week, decided by the priest, and you have 6 days to prepare. By preparing they meant gathering information and training, kind of like Persona 3 in a sense.

I’ll stop the post here with my opinions of the game and to allow you to enjoy the game yourself without being spoiled too much. This game reminds me heavily of the VN outside of the dungeon and Persona 3 regarding the gameplay. The characters are mostly nice looking and the main female servants looks gorgeous and Ecchi with their exposed areas. And also you do not need prior knowledge of Nasu-verse in order to enjoy this game but Fans will definitely catch on to some of the references made. This is a game i would greatly recommend to fans of persona or nasu-verse.

On a side-note there is a list of Q&A done by Siliconera to Aksys which i’m sure would be a good read too;



Disclaimer: All of the pictures used in this post are not taken by me but are used to help illustrate my point. All copyrights are owned by their respective owners.

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