Crusades System Tutorial(Part 1)

 Hey you all, since we have been here around and have been constantly circulating WS related card news, why not we add a little something for a change of pace? Introducing a card game that I am quite fond of, give a warm welcome to the first article for the Crusade System, I’ll be introducing you this really fun and hot-blooded TCG in this article.

Crusade is a game which takes popular heroes and robots from anime and games to enter an all out brawlfest to see who can stand on top. To those who main the Bushiroad games as of far (I am not counting Mon Collect since its by someone else), Crusade is a completely different ball game, where you need to be far more tactical with your cards and a single mistake can lead to a crushing defeat. But if played right, can be far more exciting (personal opinion).

Brother to the game Gundam War, Crusade started with Sunrise Crusade, a game that was made to feature the popular robots and characters that were not part of the Gundam franchise (it’d be odd to see stuff like Code Geass in a game with the name Gundam War). Initially, the series pool was quite small, but as time went by, more and more series went into Crusade, and the direction slowly shifted to not only just a robot brawlfest, but one where both popular heroes like Tokiha Mai from Mai Hime and Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist fight on the same grounds as the other more robotic counterparts.   Here’s a list of the games in the Crusade system:

Sunrise Crusades

The origin point, and the most widely available expansion, Sunrise Crusade allows you to take play with the titular robots and characters that appear in the Sunrise anime, each anime series usually has a different take and strategy on how they are played, even if they are in the same colour so no two deck is usually the same. It is the biggest expansion out of the rest of the series involved.

Series includes:

Aura Battler Dunbine

Mai Hime/Otome

King of Braves GaoGaiGar


King Gainer

Code Geass

Tiger & Bunny

Etc…And MORE!

Macross Crusades

Focusing on epic high speed dogfights, love triangles and songs, the characters and the infamous transforming planes of Macross are also part of the solid roster in Crusade. Just like their anime selves, they rock their opponent’s world with a Song cards that gain further boosts when singers like Sheryl Nome or Nekki Basara, and then rush in with their squadrons of fast and hard hitting Variable Fighters for the kill.

Series include:


Macross II

Macross:Do you Remember Love

Macross Plus

Macross 7

Macross Zero

Macross Frontier

Super Robot Taisen OG


One of the most popular strategy games made by Banpresto, Super Robot Wars OG is series of games that compile all the original robots from the past SRWs (which were a big compilation of other robot series mixed in to 1 game) into 1 storyline. In Crusade, not only can you use iconic robots like the SRX and the Alteisen, just like in the video games, you can “customize” them, upgrading their efficiency in combat and allowing them to deal heavier punchers or survive longer. Not only that, “Seishins” or Spirit Commands, abilities that each pilot has in the games that allow them to further buff their units, also appear as well, augmenting and strengthening the power of their commands. Some of the Crusade’s most powerful units come from this set.

Dynamic Production

Featuring series produced by Dynamic Productions, the ancestors of pretty much all modern mecha, iconic robots like Getter Robo and Mazinger make their appearance here in their full glory. Utilising the power of Chogokin as well as their signature attacks, they are a presence to be feared every time they are on the battlefield.

Series include

Getter Robo Series

Mazinger Series

Cutie Honey

Dororon Enumakan

Kotetsu Shin Jeeg

Bones Animation

Bones Crusade features a cast of extremely popular heroes from the anime made in Bones animation studio. Powerful Alchemists like Roy Mustang and Edward Elric, alongside with Contractors like Hei and Yin use their powers to alter their surroundings to alter the battlefield to their advantage while Cybodies and LFOs take down their opponents with grace and agility.

Series includes:

Full Metal Alchemist

Star Driver

Eureka 7

Eureka AO


Soul Eater


Darker Than Black

Saint Seiya Crusades

One of the newer series to join the Crusade family. The power of the Cosmos and the power of the Saints along with Athena will join the battle against the Super Robots with all they have from the bronze saints to the gold saints as well.

Series Include

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya Omega

Aquarion Crusades

With the power of 12000 years behind them, the vectors and elements join the Crusade family. With the Mugen punch and 3 different variations of the Aquarion, will they be able to stand on par with the robots out there as well?

Series Include

Sousei No Aquarion

Aquarion Evol

Akiba Ranger Crusades

Being a unofficial Sentai is quite hard as it is as they try to strive to be a ‘official’ Sentai ranger. Can they prove their worth by being ‘Unofficial’ and then gain the status of ‘Official’ through the battles they are going to face?

Rounin Kenshi Crusades

A upcoming series which will join the Crusade family which features the Kyoto Arc of Kenshin. Will being the Battousai help Kenshin to be on par with the foes that he will face? With a new way of playing and being a swordsman, he will prove that he will still be able to defeat his opponents without killing his foes at all.

Gurren Lagann Crusades

The wait is over, finally a series that we all have been waiting for. Will the drill be big enough to pierce through the heavens again this time round?

In Crusade, the various series are divided into 4 major colors: Blue, Green, Red and Black, and a neutral colour: Purple.


The color of defense, most cards in this color focus on general defensive tactics and preserving hand advantage. Most deck base in this color are quite beginner friendly.


Focusing in burn and swarm, cards in the colour generally either are focused on swarming the opponent (aka zerg rush) and beating them in sheer numbers or dealing massive effect damage to the opponent’s units to maintain field presence.


Excelling at field control, cards in this colour focus more on controlling the opponent and locking his movement with negates and bounces.


The colour of destruction, cards in this colour are capable of wiping out massive amounts of cards and removing opponent’s key cards from the field.


A neutral colour, cards in this colour have 0 designate cost (more on that later) and can easily be placed in any deck.

Well, that’s all the time we have for now, I’ll be sure to keep updating the tutorial as soon as I can, stay tuned.

    • Des
    • November 20th, 2011

    Would love to see a continuation for his. Deciding whether or not to pick this game up other than WS that im playing.

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