Fate/Zero Anime Review

Let’s see, Fate/Zero has just debuted and it was so impressive that I had to make a review it.

For those who know nothing about this series, I would go do a little history of the novel turned anime. Fate/Zero was based on 10 years before the original Fate/Stay Night story. It was created by Urobuchi Gen whose latest work was Madoka, this was originally a novel along with the Nasu Kinoko and Takeuchi (The Type Moon Authors). Urobuchi Gen was very happy that he could work in Fate/Zero as most of his stories at the time was fairly happy, and he wanted to write something different, thus on the request of  Type Moon, he willingly jumped into the project. Its first volume was released in 2005 and currently it is being reprinted into 5 volumes instead of 4.

The animation is being done by Ufotable which is famous for the Kara No Kyoukai, Garden of Sinners movies thus there it won’t be a disappointment for those who are looking for good graphics.

It was aired on the 1st of October where it was streamed on Nico Nico Video in 8 languages and it was a one hour debut for the 25 episode series. Quite a treat for Fate/Zero fans that have been waiting for a eternity for the release of the anime.

Let’s start with the story of the first episode. They have really followed to the minor details of the novel as closely as possible. All of the 6 masters were depicted beautifully and were even given references to the later Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Counter parts. Each of the 6 masters had their own unique characteristics and mannerisms which was depicted in the novel and even the other minor characters like Tohsaka Rin or Sakura, they weren’t spared of following the minor details of the novels as well. An example would be Kiritsugu where just like in the novel, he was depicted as a lost soul and beaten warrior who have resigned to his fate of being a hero of justice and even willing to sacrifice his own wife for it.

For the animation, each of the characters were all beautifully drawn and their character movements are very smooth when either moving or during the summoning of their servants. One thing to note is their superb background as well, as most anime these days doesn’t really put much detail in the background, Ufotable has put everything they have to the backgrounds. An example would be the castle of the Einzberns, like in the novel, there were stained glasses of the Einzberns. Though small, they even put just that minor detail of it into the animation where not many people would notice unless you have watched it carefully. The opening as well was nicely done as well, like the better details of the Fuyuki City and the battle scenes of the Servants. Add that with a singer known as Lisa and you have a masterpiece.

The soundtracks and the voice actors also gave life to the animation as well. The actors have really depicted each of their individual characters to the best they can. Like the lost strategist Kiritsugu or the high and mighty Kayneth Archibald, each of the actors have given the appropriate voicing to the parts which best fit the situation. Add with the sound tracks like the scene of Kariya and Sakura or maybe the beginning of the show where it depicted the lost Kiritsugu and you will really relate to the Characters or the story even more.

Though there were certain portions which I felt that maybe they could have done as well. Like better character development for the rest, like Kotomine Kirei where I feel that it would be better to depict him as a lost soul to find his true meaning in life with maybe explanations by him or through his facial expressions.   

Though in the 2nd episode, this problem was actually fixed. One very good example was the little boy that was murdered by Bluebeard. At one point, he was being depicted with a ray of hope and after which despair later. With the screaming and the difference in the tone of the boys had actually added colour to such a very minor character.

Last but not least, I really feel that they really pay attention to every small detail. Like that jewel fax machine which Tokiomi used in order to get his message about the other Masters or to just the small command seals on the back of the hands of the 7 masters. One really small detail is the countdown timer at the end of every episode, for those who have actually wondered what it was. It is actually the timer for when Kiritsugu meets with Shirou at the fire and then is when the original story of Fate/Stay Night actually started.

Thus Ufotable has really done a very good job in creating one of the best masterpieces for anime, and I would really like to see what is coming for the remaining episodes. I myself may get the Blu-ray edition as there is news that there is going to be extra scenes along with some extra goodies as well. A real 10/10 if I have to give it a score.


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