Weiss Schwarz Banlist, Effective from 27th August 2011 to February 29th, 2012

Now this is a huge shocker. Notice how a certain esper-filled series pretty much dominated the metagame in the latest Bushiroad CardFight 2011? So… here comes the banhammer. Bold text indicates new entries to the banlist.

Break Time! (LB/W06-096)
3/1 Event, choose two cards from your clock and place it in your Waiting Room. Memory this Event.

Banned from all deck formats. This card was on the list for quite some time, nothing new.

Colourless World (SY/W08-071)
2/1 Event. Select one of your level 1 and below characters and send it to your Waiting Room. If you do, place a level 0 and below “Danchou” character from your Waiting Room to your Stage, then return 2 characters from your Waiting Room to your hand.

Banned from all deck formats. This card was only banned in Neostand and Title Cups, but now it’s banned from Standard and Side as well. I guess this card had it coming with it’s insane salvage.

Kamiki Akinari ((P3/S01-014)
1/1, 1.5k power, soul trigger character. When you level up, this card goes into the Waiting Room. When this card goes into your Waiting Room from your Stage, your opponent discards one card from his hand.

Banned from Standard and Side deck formats, playable in Neostand and Title Cup. This guy just had it coming. Give it an encore grant, and it’s a portable hand burner. Know despair!

Playing By The Stream (DC/W01-E18, SK/WE05-27, DC/WE08-45)
1/0 Event. Draw 2 cards, and place two cards from your Hand to the top of your deck in any order.

Banned from Standard and Side deck formats, playable in Neostand and Title Cup. Da Capo didn’t had any brainstorms at all, so this card isn’t much of a killer, but anywhere else, it’s topdeck control ability is extremely easily abusable with powerful brainstorms like Void Louise and Uniform Siesta. So, nope, not gonna happen.

Heaven Canceller (ID/W10-084)
0/0 Character. All of your Esper trait characters gain Hand Encore.

Banned in Neostand and Title Cup deck formats. playable in Standard and Side. This is simply OH MY FREAKING GOD!  This card was the one that granted them so much survivability, and now it’s officially forbidden as of today. Misaka/Accelerator based decks got hit hard with this primary support banned.

Under One Roof Misaka and Kuroko (RG/W13-052, RG/W13-052S)
3/2, 10k power, Esper and Judgment trait, 2 soul, soul trigger character. When this card is placed onto your stage, you may place the top card of your Clock into your Waiting Room. When this card declares an attack, you may pay 1 stock and discard one card. Until the end of this turn this card gains +2k power, and the following ability: When this card reverses your opponent’s character by battle, you may inflict 1 damage to your opponent.

Playable in Standard and Side formats, semi-limited to 2 copies in Neo-stand and Title Cup. This card is way overpowered. No matter what others say, a very easily obtainable burst power, on top of burn damage, and add on to the fact that its changeable at level 2, and they finally deem that this card is too overpowered in large numbers. 2 copies isn’t a very huge hit, but nevertheless, it’s going to force Railgun players to rethink of their strategies a little bit, adding on to the fact Heaven Canceller is now forbidden.

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