Yu Gi Oh! March 2011 New Banlist

Well with the new banlist out, I thought that we should cover it a little.

Never failing to surprise us, Konami banned the ever useful level 6 2800 attack warrior Goyo Guardian. I can see why as it has an effect that can take control of monsters, what’s more is that it has whopping 2.8k attack. However, banning of Cold Wave seems weird, namely this makes it easier for stall decks to play as cards that targets the magic and trap card zone are getting scarce. So all of those Exodia/Final Countdown till the End/Burn users out there should be jumping with joy now. For reasons completely unknown to me, Mass Driver is banned ._. If only some kind soul would enlighten me…

Next up is the restricted list. With Honest and Kalut being restricted to only one, Blackfeather or Lightsworn deck banking their hopes on these attack modification cards are now in jeopardy. Well you could always modify them to something else like Anti-Special Summon Black Feather and Pure Lightsworn. Dandylion has now been restricted to one but that does not really stop its abuse, using cards like Drill Warrior, so not much harm done except that decks become slower in comparison. Book Of Moon being restricted severely cripples the gameplay now actually, as Book Of Moon is usually used as a universal “monster remover” in most decks. Well for stall decks, there’s always Eclipse =D Lastly the most anticipated restriction of Gateway of the Six. TAKE THAT SIX SAMURAI USER!!!

The semi-restricted list gives us mixed feelings the change from restricted to semi-restricted for Card Trooper, Spirit Reaper, Overload Fusion and Megamorph serves not much big purpose except maybe to machine decks which now have 2 fusions to work with. Thus, Chimeratech dragons and Ancient Gear Ultimate Golems should have an increase in value now. The introduction of Kristya only stops part of Angel-type decks, couple with honest being restricted, now we need to rely on the Agents deck or Counter Fairy. =/ Next of course is the complete blow to debris-dandy-warrior deck with only 2 debris to work with… looks like it’s back to the old junk deck eh? Solemn Warning being restricted to 2 is not really a huge blow as i do not think anyone, except counter fairies, would run three of those. Use ’em all and you’ll be down to 2000 LP which is dangerous. Icarus attack reduced to 2 is also not such a big problem as the condition for its activation is kind of limited. Running two in a deck is aplenty I would say.

Lastly, the unbanned list. Chaos sorcerer, Demise, Snipe Hunter being unbanned means ritual decks are back in action. The un-banning of Gold Sarcorphagus and Tiger of the Ice Barrier serve not  much of a big purpose until further notice. However unbanning of Skill Drain and Ultimate Offering now makes Skill Drain deck a fierce competitor.

-End of Report-

P.S. Our new member reivax91 has joined to be our part-time proof reader so as to provide you a better reading experience. Stay tuned for more!

    • guypudding
    • March 15th, 2011

    I think Mass Driver was banned for its OTK FTK possibilities. There’s way too many OTKs involving that card. Coldwave is seen as a play to further discourage OTK, possibly a balance since BoM which can block many big play is reduced to 1 copy.

    As for Honest, the impact is really felt geater by fairy deck, many expected fairy to become stronger with their recent expansion, but the restriction of honest to a single copy pretty much crippled them. As for six samurai, I feel the restriction is well justified.

    For the unbanned list, the biggest impact is probably with debris dragon, and with dandylion down to 1….

    For the unbanned list, ultimate offering is actually a pretty big game changer, we have always expected the eventual complete unbanning of sorcerer, demise and sarcophagus, but ultimate offering actually got restricted due to a number of new combos, with its unbanning those combos might return fiercer than ever.

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